Well, it's kinda been a long time since i blogged here huh? They need an app for this!!! But hey, hope everyone's doing better <3. I hope I feel better soon >_>.

I've discovered that it is indeed true that high school sucks. There are TRILLIONS of reliable scources, as I bet a lot of you can identify as one. I'm not really sure how to balance figuring out not only the depression, but multiple mood disorders (meds and all those lovely bells and whistles), acedemics, social life ( ick!) and maintain sanity. It's been a sort of trial-and-error start of the school year for me, and social things have gotten…out of hand. *coughcoughhighschoolgirlsaresooomeancoughcough* And with finding a new shrink, as the other one who I mentioned in the previous blog, did NOT work out, just as I thought; and having time for having fun (whatever that is…?) is sooo tiring! Sooooo now I've been looking into (for fifteen minutes) online schooling, to get away from all the "quicksand" of the high school food chain. Of which, I am NO WHERE on. >_> (not a shocking thing). I'm wondering, does anyone have any idea if that helps, or any opinion? (If anyone has the patience to even READ my ramblings. And if you are one of these people, you are now a member of the "Super Troopers Who Can Read Jenna's Crap" club. Give yourself a pat on the back and go buy yourself somethin' pretty. *Applause* BUT. (obviously, the ADD meds wore off HOURS ago.) If anyone has any suggestions, or ideas/opinions; or even if you just want to post links to LOLcat videos, please go on ahead.

Until the next time I get incredibly confused,



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