alright, so i think, no that is the problem.

over thinking. i am told that alot by my therapist, dayby day. ya i know, but tell my brain that. see doc tomorrow about my meds.been a week tomorrow. and must say feeling better. i hope that these work and stay for a bit. ok, so had the talk with hubby. told him how i felt with his working away, my home, doing everything and the way i am . he took everything well. he has a plan, well i do too. they might match in the end. we will see. i feel better knowing that he understands that i am not waiting for him anymore. i am a big girl and he is either going to move with meor i am going. its not toanother guy or anything like that its just that i need to take care ofME. that is why i quit my job, idont take care of myself and i fell apart, literally! so now that i hope i found the right meds, i can go looking for a job and start again, this time with more understanding of myself. i think that is whati finally dicovered and i am ok withit now. i have an illness and that is the way it is. no matter of diet and exercise only is going to fix it, the medication along with that will.WOW! took me awile, but i finally got it.

had a very nice chat with mom the other day. which is few and far between. going down to visit in August, well actually taking my son down as he is going to live there a look for work. nothing here for him, sooo…

that is where i want to move , back home. not in my parents house, but the area. NEVER thought that i would want to, but i miss it. the feeling of belonging. i dont belong here. i feel like the rich kid in a poor town. (and i use that because i want to be the rich one for a change) lol

bathing dogs today, the weather has been wonderful so have been taking advantage of it. bit of colour om me which is nice, notso pasty. ok got to go, be back later.



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