sI hope every one had a good holiday , I'm glad the holidays are over , they can be so stressful .. Gwen is doing good , hubby & I took her to the groomer before christmas & she wouldn't let any one touch her to bath her or cut her nails , I haven't taken her back since , ever since Gwen's attack Gwen is not trusting at all , so I called Gwen's regular vet made an appointment for her yearly exam told them what was going on , since the vet is a more control setting , we will attempt to get her nails cut & anal glands expressed comming up at her next appointment which is monday , Gwen will be muzzled , its not going to be fun for Gwen but it has to be done . On top of everything else my mother in law has been dealing with some health issues , she has been having some womanly issues going on , i'm not going to get into detail on what going on but the poor woman has alot on her plate & my husband , her son has really been in sensitive about a lot of stuff , of course men never take anything very seriously . Hubby's mom called yesterday & hubby acted as though he didn't want to hear what she had to say , after their conversation ended , I told him that he needed to be thankful to get a phone call from his mom , that there are many people who would give anything to just have more converation with their mom . Lately hubby has been a real jerk , all he does is tease me , which just adds to my anxiety , it doesn't matter how many times I ask him to him to stop , he just doesn't get it . My anxiety has been up & down since September , hubby thinks its joke , yet when his anxiety is up the whole world is suppoed to stop , yet if its me , i'm full of crap .. I have an appointment with my family doctor at 8am tomorrow morning , I hate early morning appintments but hopefully she can give me something along with my topamax to help with my anxiety .

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  1. godsgal81 7 years ago

    My husband gets along with his mom pretty well , its just the rest of his brother's & sister he doesn't get along with . My husband's mom isn't horrid , she is going through some major stuff right now &  like I have explained to him no matter what her mistakes she has made in past , don't hold that against her , she is human too & just needs him as shoulder , I have told him that he needs to be more patient with her & more understanding & to be thankful that he has her because , she is one that gave him life , that no matter what he thinks of her , that one day she will no longer be her & he will have to deal with not being able to say I love you & not able to give her that hug . 

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