So it's been so long since my last entry. Sierra is crawling now, eating solids 3x a day. Savanna is growing up just as fast as always. My mom hasn't had an episode since the fish tank one. We got our taxes and gave her 60 days notice of our moving. 05-01-11 is it. I simply cannot wait. I would love to go earlier but I was trying to be nice to her and give her time to figure out her shit. It cannot come soon enough though. I have already been packing as much as I can. I am so beyond ready to get so very far away from her. 67 days is still such a long time to deal with her. 67 days, hopefully it will go by fast-or at least not drag ass. But on the positive side it's only 67 more days. I am way stoked. I'm hoping for a small two bedroom apartment, decent neighbors, in town, cheap to live in. I want closets. But, whatever we find is going to be better than living with her. After I gave her notice she asked me why we have to "split up"-as she said-. I felt like saying to her what did you just forget about all of the bullshit youve put us through? I feel like she is trying so hard to keep peace only because she wants us to stay because it is such a sweet deal for her. I know that if we did stay, as soon as we got into a spot where we didn't have the money to move, she would go back to being crazy and ruining my life. I will feel so free after we get out of here. A huge burden will be lifted from me. I know she will try to make me feel bad for moving but she knew it wasn't going to be forever and she has known about the spring move for a year now. She has had plenty of time to figure out her shit, and I am not going to feel bad about her not getting her shit together. Not my problem. It's been 193 days since her last break down, do you think we can go another 67???


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