I lost someone very close to me a couple years back. And I have had trouble getting over it and dealing with it but I want to share my story for those who are dealing with the same thing right now.

So it all starts with me and my only and bestest friend in the world. We spent all of our time together. There was never a moment in the day when we weren’t seen together. We were known as the power pair. Everybody knew that there was no coming between us. Because of that I gave all of my love and time to this one person. Other social life, what was that? well… One day that girl, my whole life, came up to me one morning and told me that she was leaving. She was flying to another country, for good. For the last couple months with her I would tell myself that it was a lie, something would change… During the day I would savor my last moments with her and in the evenings I would cry and wish things were different. I would hate myself for doing this to myself, putting myself through so much pain but then I would ask myself what my life would have been without her. One thought came out of that. It definitely would not have been as special. What I had with her was once in a life time. We knew everything about each other…

Then she left. I was so broken. I only really started appreciating what I had when she was suddenly not there and it hurl me really bad. Every night missing her… In school not knowing where to go because it felt like I had no purpose anymore. Years later I am ready to talk about what I felt because I felt like I was being irresponsible and inconsiderate of what I did have at the time. I know understand, Its ok to be hurt, these are feelings and I am allowed to have them because they are real and that’s all that matters.

Now I have visited this friend a couple times since she left. It has never been the same. I will never get back what i had but I will have other things. Other relationships. Other opportunities. Don’t loose yourself like I did…


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