Yesterday I took a big step and adopted special need (you might as she needs to loss about 35 pounds) dog. I heard about her on a radio station this past week and couldn't get her out of my mind. I figured we would be perfect for each other because we both have eating issues (her was a Jack Russell terrier and my is eat rather than getting up and moving) and we both lacked an inspiration to get out and move around. She is a two year old Australian Shepherd. I drove over to the SPCA in Monterey, California to pick her up. We got a chance to have a great walk around their grounds which was like being at park. On the drive back to the Central Valley we stopped twice to get out and stretch our legs and have 2 more nice long walks and do some great bonding. At this rate we both we both we be in great shape in no time. You can see her head shot from the SPCA on my page and probably see why I couldn't pass her up. I will keep everyone how our fitness plan is doing.

Quick update. This morning after I put Scarlett (my other dog) out I feed Maddie some meal and a half a can of dog food and feed her in my bed room (which is just off the kitchen) away from the cats who were eating their food. There was some food left in Maddie's blow when she was done. Two of the cats wonder over to her bowl and started eating what was left and Maddies started to growl I told her no and that was the end of that. She had no problem with them finishing her food. She doesn't seem to like the cat meal so I don't think we are going to have any real problems getting the weight of her. Smile


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