Its 4:43 am, havent slept a wink, Been up all night dismantling electronic devices. I completely disassembled an inkjet printer, a hard drive, a pc fan, a 6 cd changer, and found a motor in the printer that gave me a brilliant idea so i made a rotary tattoo machine out of it with a clothes pin, some gorilla tape, and a pencil eraser. All I need now is a guitar G string. this things gonna be fun to play with.

Im gluing circuitboards and plastic ppieces to a 14×18" canvas, Because I am teaching camp art classes in less than a month, one project6 I want the kids to do is use brokedown computer/electronics parts to make a wall hanging electronical collage sculpture. The students work mush better if they getta see an example.

Had a nasty letter written to me by an ex I still have it big for,,,but i am completely irrational about it since she lives 3000 miles away, the letter made me feel like sh@t on a stick, but is helping me change my perspective of her, and all i crave is meeting someone that rocks my socks, yet still I have not one single candidate to play with.

All I can do is my art, I will never stop making things, I will never stop smoking pot, I will never stop skateboarding, and I will never stop loving the ones who have touched my life, even if they love me not a bit now. How insanely selfish am I? this only reinforces that I am a scumbag.

I lost my best friend of 2 years after I told him I blew a snotrocket in this kids hot dog. I HATE this kid for so many reasons. Anyway i told my so called best friend this and he disowned me, calling me a kaniving sneaky mother flocker and he does not want to be friends with someone like that. He said he doesnt trust me, He said im a fyux up because I take benzos and other head meds. Im glad I have filtered out a piece of turd like him from my life….Im trying to figure out how to meet new people, but have no clue where to begin.

gonna just keep doin what i want.


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