It's been about a week ago that I had a problem with someone in the chat room.  They pm'd me too many times and talking about God and how I needed to pray before it's too late, etc etc….he never talked in the chat room just lurked in the shadows and then one day he did and everything he wrote was hateful, he called names and then was banned but I hear now he's back.  When I saw him come in the room I ran, I signed off as quick as I could, why?  because this man triggered memories in me I've tried to deal with for a very long time.  About 10yrs ago a co-worker stalked and attacked me at my home cutting my face, arms and chest.  He also sent notes to me saying a lot of what this man said in pm's. The police couldn't find him but he would send  girls in to work to call me names and run into me till I fell down, I saw him driving by my apt…yes I had a restraining order but it did no good.  I finally had to leave and moved far away it was either that or stay and lose my mind because I couldn't be around people anymore,I couldn't go to work anymore, I couldn't talk to anyone anymore I spent all my time in my bedroom….hiding…..I had a good therapist in my new town and we worked thru this event in my life it was a long struggle and very hard.  I finally got to the point where I could work and was around people joking and laughing, I loved that time in my life I was able to put that memory and others of my childhood behind me and was even able to forgive a family member for all the abuse.  Then that man came in to the chat room and pushed his way into my mind unlocking all those memories again.  My therapist said it may take a long time again to work thru but she will be here for me.  I have found that my close friend helps a lot too with their listening and  understanding and support I wish I could give them a real big hug.

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  1. Himer 13 years ago

    ((((snow)))  I love u friend…  i am here for u anytime u need a friend to chat with… I will protect u from the creeps… Im sorry someone triggered u… Keep up the faith dear….



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