I’m going to see Santa today and will have to endure his long line. However, I’ll make good time of the stores and the hundreds of people in my way ;o) I’ve been sitting on my behind all day working on school so I guess I need to get out and do something good for my legs. My little girl is getting dolled-up so I better wear something nice.

This week has been crazy and am glad school is almost over for the holidays. Speaking of crazy, what is up with bosses these days? I was so mad at mine two weeks ago that my legs started shaking. When I left our meeting, I felt as though my knees were partially locked. Has anyone felt that way before? I think I’ve abused my body enough with anxieties and have felt a lot of drama from it but the knee-locking was knew to me. I guess I was kind of cold and with the shaking of the legs, my knees probably got the worst of it.
On a different note, I was at an appointment to see my nurse practitioner about how my meds were going and things were okay. I feel like people who treat other with anxiety/depression can get into a rut themselves and may be jaded off people like me, somewhat of how I feel when on medicine for it.
Question, I feel like I’m losing my short-term memory. I’ve been on a normal dose of med for about a year and a few months and feel like it is killing my memory. Either that or my school plus work is killing my brain cells.
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  1. coolbeans 10 years ago

    I definitely have trouble concentrating, but I don\'t know if I would say I have memory problems. It might be stress from school and everything, but I would say that if it persists after you\'ve had a little bit of a break to talk to your doctor about it and see if you can maybe switch to a different medication. Hang in there and have fun visiting Santa 🙂

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