does anyone understand the art of lucid dreaming?

i really want to learn how to do it. 


i remember multiple dreams every night, but i'm never in the mood to write them down when i wake up…too sleepy. i wish i would though, because as the day progresses the details – like what was said and the sequence of how it all happened – slips farther and farther into that locked compartment in the back of my brain. you know, the one where you feel like you might know where the key is to unlock it, but you never can seem to focus hard enough to find it….that compartment.


and by the time the dreams are that far gone, all i'm left with are some images of people and places and the general mood i was feeling at the time of the dream, but most of the actual plot seems to always escape me.


i've always been fascinated by dreams. i recently had an OBE which was the most intense experience of my entire life. since then i've been even more intrigued by what our subconscious could be trying to show us. theoreu said "our truest life form is when we're in our dreams, awake." i want to be aware of my dreams while i'm dreaming them so i can explore that locked room in my head and find out all that my mind is secretly capable of!


do you ever dream about interacting with someone you know, and then wake up wondering if they dreamed the same dream, because you both were actually living your subconscious lives in the same place, at the same time, and it's a bit more than just "our vivd imaginations?"  it just feels so real sometimes. everything my mind creates for me to look at and feel and interact with in my dreams looks EXACTLY like the real thing. like there's no difference at all between the person/thing i've seen in my conscious life and its clone that i see my dreams. they could be one in the same.


oh the mysteries of the human mind.



  1. StephenLeaver 14 years ago

    Very deep dude.

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  2. lava 14 years ago


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  3. OCDKara 14 years ago

    great topic, so interesting.  i've never had an obe, but have wondered about some of the things you describe about dreams too.  there are still a couple that haunt me (not in a bad way) that i would love to understand.  dreaming is an amazing gift it would be great to know more about it.

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