Hello, another day, another blog. The daylight has come now like it does every day. Still tired so i think I will go back to sleep. Not many windows here which is why it feels so closed in . I dont want to depress anyone so I try to say nice things. Going out today to meet some freinds of a friend I not met before. Im sure my life can improve. Theres a thing here about should we stay in European Union or leave it. It costs us a lot of money but some say there are many advantages although it also erodes the ability of our country to make its own decisions. Good we never accepted the euro.

Sometimes I think about the possibility of meeting a new girlfriend in the UK although it always seems a remote idea as I not met anyone decent enough near where I live in over 2 years to even suggest a date or anything. Sounds sad and hopeless but thats been the reality. Plus Im getting older and there dont seem to be many single women without lots of problems or baggage over a certain age that might be interested in me. Makes a pretty boring and hopeless life to be single all the time though. Better than being with a bad woman though, so Im pleased that I didnt rush into anything destructive again.

Still thinking of ways to increase my income. Do I have to be doing this all the time? Seems so with all my bills and commitments. People always need food and clothing especially if they are cheap enough. Hard to think what else people will buy when the economy is so crap. Ohh mobile phones are popular. People must be so rich, the amount of smart phones being sold!


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