I have to make a correction to my last blog: I didn't mean to make it sound likemy frienddid anything wrong with my myspace account. He was just helping me with it. I didn't know how to put the picture I had taken as the background, but he helped me with it–with my permission. I was just trying to point out that if he can figure out how to do that kind of stuff with computers that I have no idea how to do, certainly he can find websites.

Some of you suggested that he justwants to get close tome, and normally,I'd say you're right. But this guy is truly clueless. He is…I don't know how to describe it. I've known him for several years now, and he latches onto every person he meets. Here's an example of his cluelessness: One time I found an emoticon of the Alaska flag to use on messenger. He was confused–Isn't Alaska part of the U.S.? Don't they have the same flag? This really caught me off guard; he's five years older than I am! Well, I just kindly explained to him that every state has its own flag, as well. So he asked what his state's flag was. Maybe I was just extremely well educated as a homeschooler? It just baffles me that someone could not know what their own flag looks like–even if it is only the one for their state. I don't know what to think of him, really.

He does definitely have boundary issues, though. For awhile, he was calling me all the time, sometimes at odd hours. I had to really work through it–tell him not to call me so much, etc. Thankfully, I've gotten through to him that I'm not a phone person, so he doesn't try to call me anymore. He recently e-mailed me, telling me that he regrets getting rid of his Veggie Tales DVDs, and asked me if I could make copies of all the ones I have and send them to him. I ignored that e-mail.

Any-hoo….Yeah. Some members of my family and other friends know him, too (mostly online), and most of them avoid him. My sister avoids him 'cause she gets sick of him asking her why she doesn't have a boyfriend. Anyway…. Curious to know what anyone else thinks.


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