(I hope you don't mind me tooting my own horn but) I just finished P90X (intense 90 day excersise program)and I am extreamlly happy that I stuck with it! The reason I wanted to do it was I wanted to see if being in really good shape would have any affect on my ocd. I would say that it is very minimal. But I have noticed atleast something. 

I would say the hardest part was not giving in to the temptation not to do the over 8 hours of excersises a week. I noticed after doing them though, my anxiety levels were alot lower for the rest of the afternoon and night. I think that is why I stuck with it. I plan on using this program to fight my anxiety for as long as I have it. Excersise seems to be something I will continue to use for the rest of my life, I think. 
I didn't stick with the diet they say to eat that well becasue they basically wanted you to buy organic foods, and they can be really expensive. I found out at the doctor that haveing ocd can easily be confused with haveing a disfunctioning thyroid becasue the symptoms are so similiar. I was thinking my thyroid wasn't working becasue I couldn't seem to be able to loose body fat. But I think that I might have been eating more calories than I thought. I should find out the results from the doctor, to see if my thyroid is working ok tomarrow. 
Now I want to see if getting my body totally detoxed, would have a affect on ocd. It should be easier than working out 6 days a week lol. 
I decided to reward myself by buying Guitar Hero 3 for my Xbox 360 lol. That games pretty fun. 
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  1. thymeoperator 15 years ago

    yay!!!  i've managed to exercise every day for the last i think 8 days now, which is actually a huge achievement, because normally i'm so scatty about it, but i've asked my partner to FORCE me to do it every day and not listen to any of my lame excuses, and he's kept his promise and it's worked and i am definitely feeling a lot more alive this week. 

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