It’s almost my birthday so yay I guess… I mean I won’t get anything my mom still has the Christmas present she gave me and took back. But I’ll be 17 then  it’s just 1 year left. I am not living with my boyfriend but I do stay here quite a bit. Still haven’t been able to go see my cat because we have to watch his little brother. All I do is sit around and play xbox. But that’s not so bad.I mean I have the season pass for a game I play a lot. But I am on suspension on xbox live because I messaged someone a bad word. but get this… me and my bf blocked this guy 3 times each. and reported him in game and reported his account every time he’s showed up in my game. He messages overtime somehow he keeps messaging even though he got blocked 3 times each. and he talks about me sexually to my bf because they won’t ban him already… but he reported me once and I get suspended for a couple days on xbox live….. whatever….

My moms still a well you know… She keeps turning my little brother against me and shit it’s terrible. I miss having a real mom one that doesn’t insult you no matter what you do… I can literally ask a question and she starts calling me rotten and saying I’m not a decent person. it kinda really does suck. But I just have to remember one more year and i’m out of here… I wish I didn’t have to feel like this but I do. It’s not my fault… I still keep in contact with will my old stepdad at least. I’m going to start saving up for a pc so it’s easier to play with him and keep in contact I wish I had money to do it already but my mom wants it all to herself… I mean I asked my bio dad to get a vanilla visa and send me the code for my birthday so I could use it to but stuff but he just ignored me…


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