"The nights have grown darker upon my dreams. Shadows growing all around me. The howling in the distance is getting louder. The wind begins to blow through the trees carring my cries. My soul is reaching yet nothing comes into its grasp. Trapped in a distant shadow, I sit waiting. Waiting for the black wolf to find me. The missing piece my soul searches for. Longing to be with him once more. The rain begins to pour. My dreams fade into the early morning light. Lying there I wonder…Will I ever see my black wolf again?"


"A smiling face, hair flowing with grace. A vision of beautiy comes forth. A spirit of remembrance of someone who loved me. My mother stands before me. Whispering her love for me. Wishing she could help me through this. I look into her eyes. So long since I’ve seen her beautiful face. I miss her so much that it tears my heart in two. The pain is so strong. I collapse onto the floor. Screaming at God for taking her from me. I was so young. Damn you cruel world for taking the only thing that mattered to me away. Faith no more. Only the belief that God has cruel intensions set aside for me. I try to block out the image. The spirit is too strong. Holding me in her presence. I can’t do this. I can’t keep going through this pain. The shadows inside consume me. I just feel like dying. I want her here now. I want to feel her touch again. To hear her voice. If I die, then I can be with her. But what will I leave behind? Will someone feel the same for me as I feel for her? A question that will be left unanswered. Though deep inside I know I won’t be missed. The longing for death seems stronger everyday. Growing inside my darkness. I push it away. But it still eats at me. One day will be my time. God has his "plan" for me. More suffering. More pain. Someone else will break my heart yet again. Hating me for who I am inside. As so many others do now."


"A nights sky darkness my heart. Lost into its grasp my soul cries to the moon. Brightly lighting the sky with its beauty, it looks down upon me as if I were the only one. I am the only one. Distances into the shadows of the forest I see no-one. Nothing. Just a presence I can only feel. Never to touch or see. Just there amongst the darkest of my nights. Guiding me further into its path. Unknown destinations await me. Following this path I shall see my true destiny. If destiny at all awaits me."


"Too see into the future is something every person wishes. I do not wish to see my future for I know it too well. Darkness awaits to take my soul. Into the shadows of stillness and lonlyness. Amongst those who dwell in the darkest of the night. Alone. Nothing can shelter me from the rain in my heart. No hope left for me but to find myself in my corner waiting for someone strong enough to save me. Desperation calls out but no one can hear. Forever in this darkness is my future. Faite alone cannot withstand the darkness. Time will only tell."


"Tis a sad day in the life of a stranger. When your a stranger even to yourself. Not knowing those around you or what is in your heart. Looking into the open sky only to find you are lost within yourself. Hoping for some sign as to where you are supposed to be. Finding truth in yourself. But looking deep into your sol you find nothing but fear. Holding you against your will for your will is not strong enough to resist the temptation of the darkness. Lost and alone."


"Traped..in my own hell. My soul stolen from me. Entering another day of misery. Crying inside. Deathly thoughts fill my mind. Freedom for my soul. Forever I have taken this life..of feelings that overtake me. I wish for death to come. Take me away from my hell. Save me from this misery I call life. Prisoned in my darkness never to see the light of another day. Fear has taken me here. Fear of being alone. Fear of losing myself more than I already have. Strength has left my body. Leaving me weak in the shadows of time and space. Holding me in this life. Death can only save me. My soul bleeds. Find me in my hell and save my soul from the darkness that keeps me. If only someone could."


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