MORP = PROM backwards, first and foremost.

Hey again, it’s me.

So in January there’s a dance coming up which is kinda like Prom, but it’s for 11th and 12th graders (Prom’s just for 12th). Apparently, I was going long before I knew. It started a few weeks back when I was chilling out at my friend’s house, and M. suddenly asked [From this point I’ll type everything that was said]

"So, are we getting a limo to Morp?"

"Why do you guys need a limo for Morp?

"What do you mean ‘Why do you guys?’ You’re going to!"

"… I’m going to Morp?" I turn to my boyfriend. "Are we going to Morp?"

"Are we?" he asked.

"I don’t know… Do you want to?"

"Do you?"


"You guys have to come! We’re making you! So are we gonna get a limo?"

…… We had no say in the matter. -.-

I don’t mind going to dances or spending a Saturday night with my boyfriend, but the main issue: A freaken’ dress.  I absolutely despise wearing a dress. I have no problem when other people wear dresses and I like to help my friends pick out dresses, but I can’t stand in being one myself. I… just think I feel stupid in one. I’ve never really had any self-esteem issues and I never thought I look half bad, but I look at me in a dress and I laugh out of feeling like a… freak or something.

As I’ve said before, I don’t feel like I’m in the wrong body or anything, it’s just that dresses, skirts, and make up and stuff make me feel very uncomfortable. I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s like I look like a really crappy version of me. People say  "I don’t see why you don’t like looking like a girl, you’ve got such a cute figure that could work with cute clothes! Why do you always buy baggy things when it does nothing for you?", but I just don’t care. If I don’t feel like showing off my legs, then big whoop. Who cares? Whenever I do wear a skirt that one time of year, people always look at me and the stupid guys in my class look at me too: Are they seriously that shallow to actually pay attention once I show some skin?

I wanna buy a suit so bad for the dance, but my friends are coming with me when I go shopping and my mom’s paying for it, so I can’t evade it. My impending doom is fast approaching. -.-


  1. Unique_person 13 years ago

    What does "Super chic mean?" And… I couldn”t be sexy if I tried. XD I”m, like, the living example of the opposite version of sexy.

    Also, do heels have to be like, the really skinny kind? I tried wearing those for a show, and after my 4th trip/fall  I had to get extremely thick, short things. -.-

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  2. revealed65 13 years ago

    i loved my prom. not too long ago. i knew a few friends who actually wore suits, female. you should never care what anyone thinks. you are yourself, and be comfortable in who you are. good luck

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