Hello to everyone whos reading. Im going to share a short love story i wrote one day when i was feeling a bit better. In hopes this will help whoever that its going through a  bad day or days. This short story in particular is about love but its more to illustrate something that somebody might want the most in his/her life. It may be love/money/friends/family etc. Something you want but cant or couldnt have in your life that can make you sad right now when you think about it. Or maybe something you can still have but you are afraid to do reach for it.

To live, love and die….Its worthed

I was looking out of the window and saw how you was walking to work. How I wish it was me the one who would kiss and hug you goodbey. How i wish it was me who was the mother of your child.

But the reality isnt like that.

When I was younger I always had hope. I hoped that one day I would be happy. I hoped that someday i would have a family, a nice job and friends. But now look at what has become of me. Just a heart full of hate and tears.

Then i heard the other voice tell me: ‘Oh but your still alive my child. You still have time to do the things you always wanted to do. You still have hope. Get up and fight for what you want, for you dont know if tomorrow is yours, but you know that you are living now.’

Thats true im alive right now and if today will be my last day on this cruel world I will make it the best that I can. So when I die I can atleast say that I couldnt get everything that I wanted but I tried.

Not everything you want is needed and not everything you need you want. But life isnt easy on nobody anyways. We all came to die.
So now that im still alive im going to tell him that i always loved him. That every heartbeat is for him and that i dream of him every night. He is my love.

‘He doesnt love you like you do. He has his own life already and he doesnt even remember you. Do you think thats worthed?’

I sure do love him with all my heart. But if ive been able to keep living with all this pain for the past years i sure know i can live without him and with this pain. I dont know if all this is worthed or not. But does that really matter when you really want something?

I know that I cant have him anymore. But I also know that no matter how I love him I can still live without him. Maybe the pain will kill me, maybe I wont be able to be happy without him. But now I know he isnt the air that I breath, and I know he isnt here when I wake up and when I go to sleep. So therefore ill just go and tell him how much my love for him was and still is. I never had the courage but he needs to know that. What is the point of holding all this love inside.
After that, I will move on with my own life, for he has his own life already.

He isnt the one that gave me life, he isnt the one that made me happy. He only made me cry and suffer the greatest pain. And I cant blame him because sit there and let it happen

‘Enough of all that, dont you see his getting away. When will you go and tell him. His getting to far.’

I will get to him.

So the woman started running to tell the owner of her heart how much she loved him. Not knowing she will meet her death…

Shes not breathing!! somebody call an ambulance!!
I didnt saw her, she just jumped infront of my car….

When the guy turned to see what was happening behind him , he saw the woman laying on the bloody ground. Thats when she opened her eyes and said her last words: I love you Jason!

When the guy heard this he fell on his knees. Shocked he kept in this position for a few minutes until somebody came to him to ask him if he was okay. The only thing he could say was: Amanda…

So when she finally decided to start a new life the day came for her to leave this world. Was that worthed?
For her it was, cuz she finally told the love of her life that she loved him. And he recognised her.

She smiled while he was running to her. He held her in his arms so she could die in his arms.

This was the happiest day of her life. It is worthed if you try!

She died but Jason never forgot her. He named his newborn daughter Amanda and told her the story. Amanda died but her memory is still living till this day in Jason’s heart. In his family.

In the end it was all worthed even after all the pains you suffer .

Just wanted to share it with you guys, hope u guys liked. And remember no matter how hard life is, no matter how much pain you got. Life is worthed and its not forever.
Not everything you want is needed and not everything you need you want. Life is hard on everyone but in the end it is all worthed because from every story you can learn new things. Let your story be heard, because eventhough we all will die precious memories will never be forgotten!



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