I have suffered from major depression and Anxiety since i was about 8 years old.  this followed a lot of painful events in my life.  I am now 19, a college student at a small place called Mars Hill.  I push myself day to day, sometimes only getting through by promising myself i can sleep soon.  I do have a bad temper but i do pretty well at keeping it hidden which i guess contributes to my depression and anxiety.

I do a lot of writing and singing to take my mind off of my problems, sometimes it works but not as much as it used to. 

I never take my anger out on people, instead i take it out on objects.

I am a typical college student, keeping awake by coffee and sometimes energy drinks.  I have a few friends here, a few that i thought were my best,,,but i have begun to wonder about that.  Others who drove last night through the bad weather to come get me because i was so upset.

I am way to kind hearted, and in return i get hurt from it.  I continue to trust the ones who hurt me…though i can not say why…

I have always been one to help others, and i will do my best to help any friends i make on here, you have my word on that.

Well…i think thats enough about me, feel free to ask me anything you want to, i will more than likely answer it.





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