Honestly, I'm simply amused, it's almost like a soap opera but with a lot less drama right now, but I have a feeling that will soon change. So let me start from the begining.

Ever since I've gotten here (02/18) the 2 year old adopted brother basically runs a muk. And everyone either didn't care because he wasn't their kid, or they would let him do it because he has autism. My boyfriend's mom and I don't see eye to eye with the 2 year old because she babys him and just recently has started telling him no because he's gotten into the habit of hitting people and throwing things at people. I honestly believe that it's a parent's job to teach their child, it doesn't matter what the child is like, it's their responsibility to teach the child even the smallest thing. So when she babys him and give him whatever he wants, I disagree but I keep quiet because he's not my kid and it's not my house. But whenever I'm babysitting him and he throws a tantrum I don't feed into it. I've tried distracting him but he still continues with the tantrum, so I basically just ignore the tantrum and don't give him attention until he stops. And when he hits someone I grab his hands before he can hit them and I tell him no and if he continues to try to hit the someone then I keep grabbing his hands, he usually gets it the second time I do it.

So basically last night my boyfriend's dad actually packed his suitcase and was going to leave until he looked at the time and decided it was too late to get a hotel (it was 2am). The mom and dad had gotten into a fight because the 2 year old had taken a block and hit Neysha (she's 1 1/2) on the head with it; ever since Neysha has gotten here he's been hitting her none stop. So his mom grabbed him and told him no, then she let him go and he went back to hitting Neysha. So finally his dad grabbed his hand and spanked him once. Then they got into a huge argument and her defense was "He's retarded, he doesn't know any better." The dad came back with saying this "The doctors said that he barely has autism, it's barely 5%" basically the doctors had classified him as being highly functional, just a tad bit below average people. So basically in the argument that they had, everything that I had ever thought or said was 100% true, the only reason why he's still in diapers, can only say a few words, throws tantrums and acts the way he does is because his mom spoils him rotten and rewards him for everything he does. And basically the dad told her some lovely hard truth, that basically once he's 21 and off of all the services that the government gives him because he's adopted, he's not going to get anymore help because he's not retarded enough. So he's still going to be living at him, probably in diapers and not doing anything for himself because she spoils him rotten and enables him.

So basically the mom was screaming and calling him every name under the sun and so he packed his bags and told her that she's nothing like the woman he married and that if she couldn't get her head on straight then he'd leave because he's tired of her excessive jealousy, over protection, and just plain being a bitch.

Thank god that everyone else was sleeping and slept through the whole thing. The only people who were up was me, my boyfriend and his brother. So we heard the whole thing and they translated the parts I didn't understand, but oh man, today you can just feel the tension in the house. Whenever you get near the mom you can just see that deep inside she's waiting to explode. And the thing is, everyone sides with the dad except for the mom, the grandma and my boyfriend's little sister. But what's funny, the 2 yera old hasn't hit anyone today, hasn't even attempted to.

But the entire day she's been staying away from the dad and hasn't talked to anyone except for the 2 year old, god, I'm just waiting for her to explode, it's like hiking on an active volcano, it's exciting but dangerous. Am I a bad person for finding this amusing? Like the dad is finally taking charge and ending her crazy time?


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