just some tips i have on self care, nothing crazy.

  1. get some showers, hun, at least 3 times a week for lovely smooth skin
  2. change and wash that hoodie you been wearing for over 5 days
  3. do things that make you happy! read your favourite book! watch things you watched as a kid! be yourself!! talk to people about cute game otps!! this is a huge part of self care
  4. block. dat. hoe. seriously, THAT BITCH is worth blocking for the satisfaction
  5. put some moisturiser on, that skin of yours deserves it (make sure its the right one for your skin, mkay?)
  6. talk to people when youre down. seriously. a good friend will listen
  7. get some fruit in ya. fruit never done nobody any bad (im not religious so dont you dare with adam and eve)
  8. deodorant! cos its important if you wanna smell good! which im assuming you dont want people to know you as the idiot who constantly smells!
  9. face masks will be your new bestie. patience
  10. take a damn break from your device, its important for quality time

aight, shaving tips (if you want them)

  1. shaving foam! if you have none, conditioner! it works. just do fucking not dry shave!! it stings like a bitch
  2. shave in the direction your hair grows. or it aint movin
  3. store ya razor in a dry area
  5. break the kneecaps of anyone who tries to pressure you

breakdown tips

  1. tears are surprisingly good for your skin
  2. tissues. use them
  3. your shirt is way too cute to wipe your tears on
  4. talk to someone if they become too frequent
  5. be yourself (within legal terms)

above all, dont be scared of who you are. embrace it and love it!! buh bye!!

  1. aquazium 3 months ago

    That was so cute thanks for sharing:) I need those reminders too, especially the one to wash your hoodie… lol thanks:)

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  2. sanatee 3 months ago

    Can I add: if you shave sensitive areas that get razor burned – afterwards put a thin layer of neosporin on it. It prevents those nasty red bumps and it doesnt sting as much when growing back.

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