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With the greatest respect to all AA members and their families and friends, I would like to share a website that I recently launched called cureforalcoholics dot com. Upfront I want to say that I have no profit motive whatsoever in sharing this link with you. I would just like to help any alcoholic that is struggling to stay abstinent. If you are abstinent and doing well at that, please by all means continue. But if you are struggling with abstinence, please keep reading.

The alcoholic in my life was in and out of rehab and AA for many many years. I myself am a grateful member of Alanon. I thought my alcoholic would kill himself soon and the binges were getting longer (2-3 weeks of 24/7 hard drinking) and closer together (last period of abstinence was only a month).

I finally looked for a medical solution to help him and came across Naltrexone (a generic, fda approved drug), taken specifically according to The Sinclair Method (NOT taken every day – but taken 1 hour before drinking and only on days when drinking, not on days of abstinence).

To make a long story short, my alcoholic no longer has binges or struggles with cravings at all. It has worked more effectively, quickly and easily for him than anything he has tried in nearly two decades of addiction. It sounds too good to be true (and maybe that’s why people are hesitant to try it), but I swear on the life of my child that he has his life back because of this drug.

After seeing the incredible change in him I decided to build the website (I am a web developer so it was no hard to do). It bothers me deeply that so many people suffer from this disease, but this amazing treatment is so little known. There is a lot of incorrect information about naltrexone as a solution – if taken every day (without drinking) it will not work – and many of the studies that showed that it was no better than placebo were done without drinking. Paradoxically you have to drink for the mechanism (it’s called ‘extinction’) to work. The studies where the drug was combined with drinking show excellent results.

I urge everyone to look at and consider ALL of the recovery solutions that have valid evidence that they work. You don’t need to take my word for it – on the website I have launched there is a link to information for medical professionals which includes a list of 125 different studies – a majority of which (when Naltrexone is taken just prior to drinking), show a 70-80% success rate for alcoholics.

Thank-you in advance for your time and attention to this. Please give this solution – and the people whose lives it could save – a chance too.


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