nihilism is rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless.

This is an interesting point of view that seems to be projected whenever I catch someone with their pants down, so to speak and it is worth writing books about, I would say.  Materialism makes me feel frustrated and angry as  society becomes elitist, cosmopolitan and attempts to interpret facts unilaterally about the other, which is a philosophy that does not incorporate my own goals and ideals.  The consistently boring and nauseate silent conspiracy from underperforming administrators is limited only by their own  self-interests, therefore this in itself is a conflict.  On the other continuum of nihilism is anxiety disorder, and, I tend to ask myself whether someone has this issue when they send me repeated items merely for the purpose of litigating with me or disagreeing with me are they being confrontational or litigious?

Occasionally I have these paranoid, illusionary and grandiose imaginative dreams that turn out to be fears unfounded and unproven, and my fantasy continues to believe that my dreams will become reality, however that is not what will happen, I happen to watch television and perhaps I am naive in believing life will end in the same way as a scripted movie written for wealthy people does.  Surprising the emotional mind has now become a matter of trafficking dreams and it is also reminding me of being more of a trump than a respected professional in the mind\\\’s eye of the business persons who can give the impression of having more choice merely because they do, actually.  It stands to reason that political influence may underpin philosophy of certain prejudices between some members of society and others where law or philosophy of law is the doctrine that supervises over human, contractual and reputational issues, as we are notified through press releases, and, where it seems being assertive is an incisive skill that may lead to future appeals for unfairness, that is my way of seeing processes following disagreements and alleged conspiracies.

I have olfactory, sensory, and, fear-based psychology that somehow seems to make me feel tired and disgusted and very irritable and angry, I also come across as having a very argumentative and confrontational personality this can create negative impressions in the mind of the other, as our local culture is made of people who are intolerant to human beings unfortunately, as our culture is becoming cosmopolitan and has moved away from humanitarian stance except in public relations where there is clear advantage in posing with political figures to get better branding through philanthropy.  We thank them just the same, notwithstanding the commercial interest in such low-stooping philanthropy that still leaves some wondering about the real ethics, particularly if they are philosophers or people who do not believe evidence.   Someone argued Satanists tend to be stubborn, is this debatable?

I had a very clear career escalation plan, however, I got a few variables wrong in forecasting, and, I made errors in strategic, technical and managerial decision making, not to mention other damages, reputational, moral and at times legal.  Now I feel as though I am to be labelled a loser, but this is merely how I feel, it is possible that others are not interested in understanding my morality or conscious they are more interested in how I can contribute to their own goals, if I were to take a collectivist summary of their presumed goal-oriented psychology taken as a result of years of careful observation of how others question my curriculum vitae.  I get the sense that few people get a grasp of my intuitive emotional adrenalin, the flow of thought that everyone else considers is my personal thought and that they are unable to relate to themselves or to wider political concept merely because they have no interest in my emotions, and, this very thought continues to make me feel even more anxious and depressed fearing I am being abandoned and confined to a solitary life because nobody else has a moral duty of care towards me.

Intuition that arises through circles of unreasonable doubt of childhood fears and paranoia in policymakers indicate that some people need to learn how to trust, and, clearly their trust levels are not my accounting responsibility even though an authority appears to guide them, however, they are the ones altering information that has a consequence on how data and information is looking to us in many ways, that is whether it is accurate, up-to-date, and, whether and who has the obligation of the control, this issue  of control is a really contentious psychological issue, since some people have been contended to have issues that are more severe than others.

In theory there are logical analyses even for the validation of the truth, these can drive some to a mental health issue that can be thought to be negative, or paranoid, and, that is where I feel I stand whenever I try to express my emotions to others, they renege the attitude to understand my emotions and to correlate them to their own considerations based on fairness and morality, and therefore this ongoing realisation of the nihilism and silent treatment I get from other persons around me makes me feel even more depressed as though everyone around me is a hypocrite, I might think, and what political argument will this lead me to write about, I might question back, hoping that my mind remains a valid echo chamber of reasonable and at times unreasonable doubts that I might  want to prove to others are meaningful in designing or re-designing solutions, that is my usual repeating thought, as a person.

I had other plans,  they were subject to cruel and discriminatory cold water tests by individuals who competed with me and defrauded me out of my own ability to manage, I felt this was unfair form of career hijacking, to the expense of my own potential.

On one hand, nihilism keeps us from implementing new ideas as there is a socially inspired consensus that in the absence of a perfectionist win-win situation, deterministic assumptions may have weaknesses and may fall short from throwing ideas that are constructive in their outset.  Authority based on majority is the evidence of the authoritative thinking, that is counter-balanced with democratic philosophy hopefully promoted with a pacifist point of view and assuming politicians have established a baseline considered essential for survival and well-being, a goal that leaves some questions pending.

Between 0.5 and 5.9% of people in the United Stated have borderline personality disorder (BPD) at least once in their lives. The 5.9% is an outlier and a likely explanation could be the fact that a newly developed, not validated questionnaire had been used. Average prevalence worldwide: between 0.5% and 1.7%.  Perfect correlations are achieved when the system is closed to participation therefore is not being allowed to influence itself by the demand and supply mechanics of the democracy and its needs, this may be a leading factor causing disorders of different categories, as has been shown through experience and research.

The lack of emotional intelligence, is thought to be a very difficult psychosis to comprehend, since our brain normally processes emotions, except in cases where damage occurs.

On the other hand nihilism gives a false negative sense of confidence to pragmatists who feel that negativity is true simply because it has happened in the past, as this is evidence that we are regrettably in over-reliance of patterns we learnt in the past and we are unable to learn new patterns, therefore it is asked to reform the systems, not to re-surface them, with due respect. Some thieves are more confident exhibiting nihilism with assets that they do not own themselves whereby they have registered a pledge, whilst others have registered no pledge but earmarked an interest in concluding a project or an affair, with our without a scope, a start date, an end date and a work-plan, as it leads to implementation and delivery, and, it is normative workplace psychology to move on instead of revising retrospective issues, for reasons that have a false bias as they seem to relate to matters said to be related to force majeure whereas they could actually have been designed in a different manner, presumably. Nonetheless religious freedom (where it does not prejudice without reason) is a fundamental right.

For example, it was suggested, that, to improve financial models, new services have to be made available that were simple, conceptual and easy to comprehend and administer by all parties of a contract, without losing the notion of monetary value on both sides, naturally and with a long-term view to support financial needs.

I realised that the higher up the career ladder the more difficult they seemed in purporting and speculating whether others have equivalent knowledge, resources and assets that were precious to them as they were to the landlord and this lead to an interesting analysis of what services one can derive through advanced financial formulae, in a globalist and competitive market.

Researching I found that the average size of the brain is 3 pounds and has a diameter of about six inches (less than 2 kilograms), naturally this is the size of the adult brain in a particular nation where we are excluding humans who are of a record physical size as I learnt from a book that I may purchase from bookstores and other publishers and agents.

Researching further it transpires that many office workers are influenced by the structure  of an essay, they do not read code very thoroughly and miss out on important details that they realise later were important, and, this leads to the old fashioned doctrine of asking people to be earnest, in a way this is a hypocrite statement.

What would I do differently than that which we already have?

There are plenty of books on the bookshelf, some of my preferred bookshelves are online and include theoretical books on psychology, the human brain, biology, and, natural sciences.

I published other relevant stories online as well, and, perhaps the issue of not allowing me to hyperlink keeps me hidden away from web crawling spiders and search engines.

The popularity of blogging effectively makes very explicit our culture of being outgoing, this can be useful, most of the time because we can understand what you need, however, sometimes it does not define any matters intended to personalise services to particular needs, and, this is an even more difficult balance to achieve called positive discrimination.
When I was still studying, we did have a task to analyse whether designs were fit for disabled persons, and, we thought this was mandatory education for everyone, actually, however, private conversations indicate that people are judgmental depending on the process that they are managing, probably because they feel compelled to make a choice in a four second time frame, this clearly questions our objectivity.
The act of taking on the role of the other for example trying to make a decision based on reviewing a report implies that you are really assessing a sub-set or a sample of the information about the other and that is what all processes I analyse do irrespective of where the processes stand and how many tests they have made to test your forgetfulness which is a common way of testing how well your current thinking skills meet the thinking skills you are desired to have.  We are still being interpretative here, and, I am not sure why marketing managers do not realise their opinion is equally valid as my opinion, why do they try  to arm wrestle me with their opinion about me I wonder?
Effectively even the law (although this is not enforced) reads that you may not insult another person, however, this law is bypassed so often with our satirical way of communicating when we want to complain that it will probably bring about an extraordinary effort of enforcement to educate half a million outgoing nosy inhabitants whose outwardly way of judging others seems to have influence the way expatriates communicate with us on social media.   For example when a person sensed that he incurred damages to his car, he shared the information with others, possibly trying to ask around for further information, well smart I thought, but effective, I thought again?  Not sure, not sure, some people will try to get away with it, others will be honest, I am not sure who does attitude surveys they are thought to be an academic kind of assessment useful for school kids usually.
The Good Schools Guide provides an outline on getting a psychological assessment, that somehow does not define any respect for my own skills in assessing myself as this might be seen as contradictory it happens I am not a licensed psychologist myself so in many modern jurisdictions my opinion will be considered unwarranted or lacking professional endorsement, and, thus not valid, this increases my cost of doing things.
With the newly  changed requirements, our culture is definitely unequal and if this is the way the bureaucrats have silenced us, it seems they have fallen short of understanding of many other algorithms by which they are only hijacking their ten year term until they get another lucrative job and  huge pay out.  The salaries of members of parliament and honoraria have been published as well on local broadcasting media that is government controlled, knowing that I am biased trying to represent myself given that such information can be easily queried again if someone wants to verify that is a very initial and part of the wider process to understand how equality will affect our society in the future, I am forecasting it will create hate, divisiveness and false calls for a sense of morality that no longer is the norm in management philosophy, and, I do read between the lines of writers who fake empathy all the time to merely mimic how they felt the other person felt without actually bothering to do anything about it except fill a content write up, is that it your job is done?
The total sum of people acting as though they did not care opportunistically only defines their temporary lack of remit to act, and, this bureaucratic leadership is already defined in books written by sociologists as not the right type of rationalisation to take as the leaders continue to give the impression of laissez faire about morality and leaving the humble serfs to the lions that control trade presuming that there will be controls here and there to give the enforcement officers some kind of ability to penalise breaches of law as the bureaucratic style of enforcing is becoming increasingly detached, antipathetic and uncaring, and, in my opinion being emotionless or lacking of sensitivity is not necessarily objective, it is just detached (from reality).
Everyone else is busy in a three week meeting I suppose, right?

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