Well my dad made it thru this scary event and is supposed to go home today.  He's not out of the woods yet cause the doctor said he can't have any stress at all and for him that's near to impossible but if he does it can trigger another heart attack and that will be it.  They can't do a heart catheritization because it travels thru the kidneys and it will shut them down they are in such bad shape so there is nothing more they can do for him except guess what medication to give him and see what happens.  I pray that if something does happen my mom makes it thru it.  She's also so fragile now, she has congestive heart failure too but she's wearing a pace maker to keep her episodes at a minimum and kicks in when she does have one.  They both have been living on borrowed time but at least I know where they are going is with no pain or suffering like here.

I was in such a hurry to get out of here to see him the first night but I can't walk very fast because of my ankle and the severe tendonitis.  I got out the doorway and turned the wrong way and the tendon in the back of my knee (same leg) popped really loud and sent me to the floor in pain!  My daugher was with me and said she thought someone threw a ball up against the door until I told her no it was me!  I had to wear my boot that comes to my knee for support and my cane to keep me up but I made it to the hospital and into a wheelchair so I could go see him.  I made it, held his hand for a while and reassured him I'll always be here for him.  Now I'm not only nursing my ankle I'm nursing my knee too…I did the same thing to my other knee last year and still have problems with that one so now I have the pain in both knees.. I'm falling apart physically and emotionally now well I'm hitting that place where there's no more energy to fight for me I have to use it to fight for my parents right now and my kids.

After coming home that night my son Nick was here waiting and wanting someone to go to the ER with him.  His foot that was amputated while he was in the marines and has something wrong, there was a small scratch on what would have been the toe area and his foot up to his ankle was red and so swollen…so we went and were there for 6 hrs and he asked for the third time when everyone else had come and gone how much longer it would be and the same answer we'll get to you soon as we can…he got mad and left so now we don't know exactly what's going on but after his last surgery he got a staff infection and that's what it looks like now too.  I'm scared that's what it is and it could travel up his leg really easy.

I need the emotional support so that is why I'm blogging all this about my dad, mom and my son and I thank those of you who have said prayers and giving me such kind words..


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