do i ? boy , i never felt that happy before. he really made me feel like i was THE ONE. but guess what ? – not everything have a happy ending , not everything last forever.

correction in your thoughts – we didn\\\’t break up! but a weird kinda distance grew btwn us , which definitely sucks.

we used to talk daily , trust me – we used to decide times for when we must come online cuz uk strict parents issue (everyone can relate). from good morning messages to late night convos , life was so better… but now…

i– i can\\\’t still — its hard to accept the fact that we dont talk now. being in a relation we dont talk , hurts pretty bad, no offense. there is this \\\’something\\\’ , i cant yet understand!! WHY?

what went so wrong?

he is just so BUSY playing Xbox , well i never said him not to play it –  but you can atleast find time… right? well it just sucks to live this was 💔

  1. aquazium 2 years ago

    Hi Deadsoulx,
    I understand how you’re feeling. I’ve never been in a relationship, but I have talked to boys and then… stopped talking to them. It hurts super bad. I honestly hope that someday you’ll find someone who stays forever. Maybe the guy you were talking to will stop playing Xbox and start talking to you again. I sure hope so. Sorry you had to be hurt like that.

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    • deadsoulx 2 years ago

      omg thank you SO MUCH , this means a lot – it surely made me cry!!
      i hope you find the exact the thing you are looking for!!
      best wishes for life!!
      love you xx <3

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