Hey peeps! Suuup?

Just wanted to stop by and tell you its true. Everything they are saying. All of it. Believe it. And if you open your heart and operate from a place of love, you will see changes in your life like never before. In other words, if you can go from dwelling in the place where everything sux, to the idea of what would it be like if you could have it perfect, just the way you would dream of, everything starts happening, things transform, connections happen with people unexpectedly. You learn so much stuff. I think of it like "projection." What you project or put your attention to, for instance, if you constantly dwell in the misery of your problems, it becomes a repeating cycle, you become comfortable in the dysfunction and hide in fear, rather than jumping at the opportunites that are out there all around us. This is a very exciting time. All the things that have been used in warfare man against man are finally being brought to the surface and the truths are being exposed. It is having a profound effect here in our country. And I think people all over the world know it, too.

Oh yeah, they rail on us from every angle and with very good reason. I think the entire world society has looked up to America as a great leader of people in many ways. But it is becoming increasingly more clear, month after month, that our perception and indeed the entire banking system is flawed. I don't see how it can proceed like it's been going, without reform. That will be the big fight. People are hurting everywhere and something's got to give…. The big fat cats that are calling the shots are not our "Boss." We can live in abundance and peace, problems will resolve naturally, if you come from the place of focusing energy and thought, action and intention on the best possible outcome for everyone involved. It shouldn't be about parties, or drawing conclusions and lines based on affiliations. Reform should completely revitalize the system, top to bottom because it has totally failed the average guy. And luckily, there are a lot of us. Haters will always hate. But we can just expose them, their greed and their corruption through the media. If the big networks spin everything, they are quickly seeing that Americans are finding their voice again, and a new breed of journalism is emerging.

But it's your dream, your bliss, that you have every right to go for. When you are focused on helping others, the universe will not deny you. You do not have to start out flush or perpetually "wait" till things get "better." You just need to quit lying to yourself, and trying to get pleasure from external sources, like television for one, and get up and start living your destiny. You just have to find what makes you happy. Simple.

When people that paint love what they do, they can go into a sort of trance while they work. In that place is imagination and dreams. When a piano player sits down at her keyboard, she can focus all her feelings and emotions through her heart straight into her hands. There's no thought process like, oh, maybe I should hit that note, or gosh, where should I go from here, you just play. And it is like a trance state. When you get really good at it, that's when really beautiful things come out of your instrument. Also practice helps. haha

Whoever or whatever is trying to poison our food supplies, or patent everything from seeds to what property a particular plant has, the best way to beat them is legally. Screw them to the freakin' wall. That's the way I feel about this horse slaughter issue. Again, the more progressive thinkers in this country understand that there are far better ways of treating our animals here in America. One way of attacking the problem is to expose corruption and greed. Even mega-corporations like Monsanto can't continue to be viable unless they now branch out and go overseas and that is exactly what they've done, under the "guise" of trying to save starvng peoples in more undeveloped parts of the world, like Africa and South America. They just need a "market" for their franken-food.

For a while certain articles were surfacing about Gates and his wife in Africa with their "vaccines." Now I know this is a very controversial subject, because indeed many lives have been saved and disease prevented with vaccinations. Also true is that because our environment has deteriorated to the extent that now our children are highly sensitive to stuff, and the fact that now terrible things are put into these vaccines for some unknown reason, many children are also harmed terribly by these "prevention treatments." You just don't hear too much about that. Media is bought and paid for like everything else. I figure that's why the reporting on Gates in Africa has gotten more quiet.

I've been doing the happy dance all day! Sure, I'm the black sheep. Bite me. Cause I bite back! hahaha (love that). I'm the black sheep that's living her dream all because I figured out how to do it so as to help people, and animals. I won't get into all the details, but I see results so quickly from changing just a few things in my life already. All the weird stuff I wondered and worried about all my life, well it's all happening now, and I was right! haha Happy dance because people are letting go of fear and embracing their right to be happy. To take back their lives. And if you like your life, and you don't want to change anything, then great! I'm just sayin…

My roommate came back, and now he's bugging me to go to the doctor, for my health. I keep saying I'm not sick. Why do I need to go to the doctor? Answer: so they can break out their needles… Nope, not real interestes in doing that! haha X-rays, yuk. Inner body cavern checks, Not! I'm just sick of the whole stupid western mentality of "medicine." What a crock that is! We're all a big mess because of it. And you know I'm right!

So I am going to make alternative health care affordable to people, hoping to show people how to get their stress levels down, and make a wonderful home in the process. It's funny how the pieces start to fit together all of a sudden. Fun stuff! Ideas to dreams to reality to fun. But you have to give up your cycles of bad mental images and thoughts, and use their triggers to remind you of something different, something better, re-focus your attention right then over to the "dream" – your passion, what you love to do and want to do. Then abundance, joy, friends, fun, all of that follows with very little effort. But it has to come from a place of love for all people, all creatures and respect for our environment, the Earth.

I hope elementary teachers now are as good as the ones I had. Because of those ladies, I have a very good grasp of things, and have always been able to find a job, and I don't have a degree. These days, there are many ways to learn online about whatever interests you. Learning is a daily experience, like a skill you build upon. Discipline in doing it right, over and over until you can do it effortlessly. Like meditation, or yoga. Going to the gym, cooking healthy food. Reform people. Jump in there, find out your cause, develop your skills, because a beautiful future is ahead without children going hungry and terrible flu scares, and all the other chaos. It's your life. Find your bliss, bebbehs! And always, Always Question Authority! hahahahahz


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