yikes cold/allergies eh.
feeling nervous is normal I hope youll get the job so lets crossed our fingers.
Did you tell your doc that dont want to go on with meds?What made you decided NOT to go on meds?
blog away next time what you feel lonely and why you want to be in a relationship.


Im still waiting to hear back from the job. its nerve racking because im tired of searching, i just want to get settled already and figure out what my next steps are after i accomplish this first goal. Id love to go back to school, but i dont want to unless im working full time. i know it will be hard to do that , but i dont need the stress of school, and trying to figure out money all the time.

sometimes, more lately i i feel bad that im not working full time or starting my career because so many of my peers are there already. being 20 in something is always a troublesome time.. in the back of my mind i know that not everyone i know are successful yet, but still i wish i had it together. im going to ask for feedback for the jobs i went on interviews for to help me prep for future ones. Hopefully by the end of the summer i will have a system going thats flowing nicely and not always backed up.

i stopped taking the generic brand of zoloft sometime last year. while on it, i was able to get it together enough to finally graduate from college-undergrad. i didnt realize that until months later. — sad fact. the thought of going back to that school brings me so much anxiety.. i have YET to pick up my diploma ( graduate of Spring 2012. ) i get anxious about going back because my life is still the same, i haven’t lost any weight, i felt in some strange way that the 15,000 people that go to that school would be watching me and judging me. my friend agreed to go with me to the school to pick it up. hopfully i will finally haul butt over there in the coming weeks.

My doc at the time was a psychiatrist. i had lost my health insurance for some months and was no longer able to afford her, thus i stopped taking the medication. i was on 100 mg of the generic for zoloft. when i finally got my insurance back, my doc no longer accepted my insurance. and i know some of you guys will understand how difficult it is to keep searching for a counselor- before her i had 3 in 4 yrs. my school had a guidance office and every year new counselors were brought in. im thinking though i should go to one more and get a professional opinion.

Loneliness vs being alone and Relationships will be blogged tomorrow…


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