im done here think i will just do what liz used to do for real you allthink i m full of shit lmao ok cool even you guys well f me runnen not sure if i will ever come back here tell her you snooze you loose to some i may seem what ever if it does not apply then let if fly careful on your asentions ladies and gentleman i am not breakable period end of sentance but some of you bone heads think i am manic and full of shit well hope you burn in hell with gasoline panties onwhereis these peeps suppose to have my back all got your headsup your asses or eachothers or some stupid bull shit nowdo not talk to me if youthink i am full of shit put on my moccocins and walk miles down the rd if your gonna doubt me and try and antagonize me go puck off for all i care only care about those whom care for me i hardly evah ask for help and everyones out dancingan what evah but shit dis me here wow i might be sorley mistaken for someone who cares what you think of her so if you aint for me then ……………. gonna delete this hey ed wtf puss footen cause of m father i hate tht asshole right about now and with darn good reason i am so outta here lol out there yeah so whaat walk a mile down the rd waring my moccocins and keep on walken so my family friends an others that love me an like me do not have to hear what your saying cause all you can hear???? no your not listening hearing people omg she is so full of yeah ok ok now your lack of support those whom i have mentioned an will not ever mention again screw u selfcenteredness to the extreams so no music for me v cool not a prob i can not eat i keep throwing up an i do not throw up out on the ground oh nevah mind wasten my time again see ya dt wont let the door slam me in the ass alright alfright allright bull shit

  1. proanamia 9 years ago

    I'm sorry you're so upset moon, you seem like a really great person ): I don't understand why someone on here would be rude to you, it's supposed to be a safe place. However, don't let that person drive you away from the site. I'm sure there are plenty of kind people here that would love to be friends with you.

    I also hope you understand that everyone on here is depressed and many of us are hurting very badly. Many people on here are also actually manic. No one's saying you are, but there are people here that are and it's a serious issue. I would never tell someone on here to "burn in hell" because we're all suffering through our own personal hell. It's not okay to wish pain on other people :/

    I hope things get better for you and that my words reach you with kindness. 


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  2. MoonWolfEagle 9 years ago

    ok thats my whole point hun we are all going through hello right now my big cat cannot get clofse enough to me right now he is wicked upset ingoring someone that needs help is letting them burn in their own hell me i am at the core issues and i do not believe mania ought to be in the dsm love sorry if it came out all screwed up thats how my asshole father reacts if i donot put some distance between his money an mine ooooooooooooooooooo anger at anyone who react to me the way he does i do not have to cut my fathers dubble edged razor sharp tounge i figured it out thats why people cutting them selfs and hanging freaks me out so i ought a have said lets stop helping eachother if we are gonna freak out in the wrong ways which i was so generiously taught as a child dicotomy i do not speak english as a first lingo see my quote dicotomy i agree with you keep it 100 ok sorry guys the med woman are fucked up right now an i feel like i am drowning under water lmao does a seal ok lets use the word OTTER please no contempt prior to investigation are there any 12 steppers here help stat

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