Talking – It's something that benefits everyone. Since the dawn of time, humankind has needed to talk, from the caveman carving his language onto walls, to the modern man posting his feelings onto the pages of the internet. There's no argument, we need to talk.

As our modern lives progress we're finding new channel's and platforms in which to communicate our feelings. In most cases, we end up turning to the internet when we want to express ourselves or lack information and want to search for it.

I have suffered from mental health issues for many years now, it's something i cannot escape, instead i choose to address it. As someone who works, lives, and breathes (literally) everything internet, i have chosen to dedicate this post to my latest internet fixation.

Mychillpill isn't administered orally, but the resulting effect is the same. In recent years, people are turning to social networks online in order to chat, exchange information and in general past time. I myself have about 5 online profiles on different social networks.

I've been spending most of my time on mychillpill as of late, why? Simply because as someone who's life is dominated by mental health issues, i have found myself feeling quite normal when I'm on the site. I've posted my blog there, started groups and discussions and have been able to open interesting dialogues with people like myself.

Ive suffered from anxiety, depression and sleep problem's for many years, to be able to meet similar people creates a feeling of normality, it creates a space in which your 'special characteristics' become normal, so the main focus moves onto to simply communicating as any 'normal' person gets to.

I'd like my readers to check it out, and please do tell me what you think. It's new and open to development, so we have the opportunity to all have an input into something we can gain from and help grow.


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