For the last 3 1/2 years I have been struggling from one lousy temp job to the next, with even more lousy unemployment benefits in between. Just 4 days before my birthday October 26th of this year, I finally got a clerical job I really enjoyed. All processing and “paper pushing” and NO inbound calls as I'd prayed for for so long. Itwas temp to perm, and didn't pay great, but it was a good schedule and easy to get to on the bus.

So, today I go in to work and get a message on my cell from the agency. Seems they were trying to get to me before I went in (I has already been working almost an hour) Apparently they were supposed to end my assignment yesterday! It seems that when I downloaded Google Chrome onto my assigned new computer (as I was told to do) My settings from my home account got pulled in. I don't recall signing in, but maybe I did without realizing it at the time.

It would seem that some work inappropriate stuff came up when I typed in my browser while the lead was looking. I was suitably embarrassed, and deleted my account info immedialtely. Not good enough as I was told I was “seen visting inappropriate web sites” I never went to any of them, they just showed up when I started typing in the browser.

I'm more depressed than when my precious cat Sir Thomas passed while I was at work December 8, 2010. I finally gota job that was a good fit, and 2 weeks later it's over for something so stupid and unintended.

If it was not for my 2 cats who still need me, I'd seriously consider ending my useless life. I have no idea where to go from here…..

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  1. tigger1965 8 years ago

    Thanks Heather. 

    It's nice to know someone out there knows how I feel. I did try to explain what I thought happened to my temp/contract agency rep. He agreed it was stupid but said his hands were tied. Yeah, as in "I don't want to jeopardize future placements by going to bat for you – sorry about your luck"

    For all this time I prayed: Why cant I just get a nice boring office job doing some processing with no inbound calls from anyone, much less angry people yelling at me. Then I get it and think all my prayers were answered. 

    I get what you are saying that maybe it happened because ultimately it would not have been a good fit. And I have tried to put my mind there, but it's really hard. Two weeks, this has to be some kind of record. 

    Thanks again for you kind words of support.



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