Umm.. I feel like I want to express something but it's not coming out. o.o

Mmmm…. Ever since umm… my last blog on here, I've been much better. 🙂

*goes to check the last blog* …Ahhh.. haha, I think I remember when that was posted. Okay so here is my update.

Ever since the 1st of May (which is the day me and my boyfriend had our first date and first ever meeting face-to-face), I've been keeping it to myself until October, I think. Oh but mum knew all along because I had to tell her. Anyway, on my birthday was the second time we saw each other, which was on the 28th July and he got me a heart necklace as my birthday present. 🙂 So I've kind of been wearing it often and when October came, one of my friends, who I will name Amy, from my art class noticed the necklace and said "Do you have a boyfriend?" I had to work my way around that question and avoiding to answer yes – but I failed. One of my other friend, who I will name Bessy, people think of us as "best friends" but I only think of her as a friend like every other friend, even though we laugh the most when we are together. I think she thought of me as a closer friend than the others… not a best friend but close friend. Clearly, she would expect me to tell her "everything" generally but I didn't. Amy said to tell her. So Bessy came and I told her. That should be the end in my story. However, not hers because she got angry and awkward and yelling at me for not telling anyone because I kept my relationship quiet. It's not that I don't want to keep it a secret, its because I don't brag and no one asked me that question until then. It should have been obvious to her that I don't like to brag. Well, its past her thoughts and they met each other already at the MCM Anime Expo.

Which brings to my next topic about the Anime Expo. We went on the 30th of October, by "we" I meant me, my boyfriend, his sister, Bessy and another friend, Claire. This was… a tough day. I honestly wanted to run away because… I just didn't know what to do. There were like two groups. Bessy and Claire. My boyfriend and his sister. They meet for the first time and it was just… awkward. However after lunch we split up… which was not what I had in mind and I knew that at the end… I will be hated by Bessy and Claire. All went well at the end! 😀 …No I lied. It got bad and I don't want to remember it.

Now about college, I started my 2yr course, BTEC National Extended Diploma in Art & Design. So far, it has been challenging and I love it. It kept me active and even more crazier about art than I ever have. I am working on my illustration project at the moment and I have 1 week left to do my final piece… not good at all so I have to speed up. Oh I have been doing my typography portrait and I am proud of it even though it is not half done yet, haha. I will post it on a coming blog and my album/gallery.. however you call it on here. Oh and I will post my illustration too because I think it is something most people can relate to on here. 😀

How am I? I am happy and I am way stronger than I was before. ^_^ I have been doing my best to believe in myself and only me and so far, I am progressing really well. 😀 I have come to love myself everyday and whenever I think about how much I love and care about myself, it brings a smile to my face. 🙂 I love myself and I love my life, even if I get attack by it. No matter what happens, I will always do my best. 😀 I really do hope everyone will encounter this feeling.


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