Although this day has seemed fairly empty, it has had it’s bright spots.  Having had an opportunity to chat with one of my friends here at Dtribe was rewarding.  She is one very unique, loving, creative person.  I enjoy getting to know her as a friend.  I also did my 3.7 mile walk this morning even though I didn’t feel like it. 

I continue to eat more than I need to and that is really going to be troublesome if it continues.  I eat from boredom and anxiety. 

I’m sleeping good and even getting naps durring the day time.  The naps are also coming as a result of boredom.

I feel somewhat worried about what will happen with me when my outpatient therapy stops.  I’m definitely not ready to be on my own for very long…or at least it feels that way.  There are several concerns I have with my finances…

My car needs a few hundred dollars of repair (brakes, belts, and tires) and I am not sure exactly how I am going to get that work done without borrowing money from my father again.

I really wish I had the energy to move myself from this apartment.  The apartment has two bedrooms and I don’t need two bedrooms.  It would be nice to be able to use the extra money I am paying (for two bedroom) for something like fixing my car.

If I could move and drop my medicare insurance, I would have an extra $300 or more dollars each month.  I’m thinking seriously of dropping the Insurance.  I don’t pay any of the copays now and I don’t pay any of what the insurance does not cover now either.  And the hospitals won’t refuse me care if I need them in an emergency…and that’s the only time I use them anyways…I don’t know, I’m just thinking outloud.

I worry about taking a job and losing my disability benefits if work seems to go well for a while.  I just fear I will have some serious set backs and then be left out to dry by the social security system.  I think these are irrational fears but fears nonetheless.

enough rambling for now…Love to everyONE, Don


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