In my recent blog of November 18, titled ‘Bigger Print’, in the first paragraph, I mentioned Acidic/Alkaline level in your body.  The A/Al level can be tested with a piece of ‘pH test paper’ you put it in your mouth, or spit on it and watch it for up to a minute.  Its original color is a dull-yellowy-gold.  If it doesn’t change colors, you have an acidic system (bad).  If it changes to dark- blue that is good.  If it even gets to kinda blue, that is a lot better than not changing colors at all. 

      What difference does it make you ask????  Compare your body to a garden.  In an acidic garden blueberries will grow very well.  Strawberries won’t.  They need an alkaline soil.  Most garden vegetables need  alkaline soil.  If you plant strawberries in a garden with acidic soil.  They will just barely stay alive, maybe die half-way threw the summer.  If you plant blueberries in an alkaline garden, same thing .  They may stay alive threw the summer, but will probably die.  But when you plant blueberries in acidic soil and strawberries in alkaline soil, they will probably both thrive. 

      OK. Viruses are like blueberries.  They need an acidic environment.  When children are young their system, is almost always dark-blue, or at least it should be……  If it is dark-blue, what ever viruses are in their bodies, may  not die, but also, will not thrive.  And probably will give no symptoms of what ever disease they are planning to cause.  However as you get older, and your diet gets worse, more junk foods, more pop, coffee, etc, etc.  Your system will get more acidic, and the viruses will jump for joy…..  And quickly go to work causing, tumors, cancer, warts, diseases, etc, etc.   This will not happen over night, however.  It will take years and years.  So by the time the symptoms appear, your system has been acidic for a long time.

  So there you have it people. Just remember, that all degenerative diseases thrive in an acidic system. 

    Call a drug store, the kind that has a pharmacy, and ask them if they sell ‘pH paper’, to test your system(spit)? If they do, get the smallest roll they have.  All you have to do is tear off about one-half-inch,  Spit on it, and it probably won’t change to blue.  That’s why your depression is bothering you. 

    The problem is, that you should have taken this little test many years ago.  Wonder why your doctor didn’t suggest it….Ha! Ha!  If you don’t believe this, test your kids, the younger the better, or test your neighbors kids, where there is no depression.  Test your friends, where there is no depression or degenerative diseases, or if they are eating right.  Test your doctor.  If he isn’t blue.  Get a new doctor…..the burger king blogger…

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  1. cutaia1 14 years ago
    If cureing depression was that simple, everyone in the world would have already done it. Depression has nothing to do with ph levels. We are not plants, we are human. We have depression because we feel pain about losses in our lives, emptiness ,comeing home from work and being dissapointed with the performance at the office, being rejected by someone we love, the list goes on and on. If I spit on a piece of paper, I doubt all of a sudden I won't have things in my life that won't make me sad. Please do not mock a condition that you do not understand.
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