Hey tribe, gosh, it's been a while. Maybe I'll get on soon to do a more general update, but right now I'm up at 1:43 in the morning, crying, and dying for some answers. I need advice. Please help. I don't know if I've mentioned it in the past or not, but I have a boyfriend. We've been together about 14 months now. He went through a depression in high school before we started dating and sought therapy for it and eventually got himself back on track. Through my own fits with depression lately, he has been my biggest support and role model. He has been two things to me: first-hand proof that people can get better and move on and lead good lives, and the one person I have a deep connection with who really actually understands and can relate to what I'm going through. He has been such a big help. Now here's the thing. Lately, I feel like things are wrong. He's working a lot now over the summer between years of university. I feel proud of him, but I feel like there's less and less of time for the two of us, and it's destroying me. I'm addicted to the way he makes me feel better. Now I'm just so miserable and lonely all the time. I've tried investing myself in other things to take my mind off of it, but it's hard to feel interested in anything nowadays. I know maybe this seems a little high-school-drama-ish, but honestly, we went so so well together before my depression set in, and for a long time we even went well after, but it's just lately. I really don't want to lose him to my depression. He's still doing his best trying to be there for me, and we've talked about some of this and he's making an extra effort for me now, but I feel as if it still isn't enough. He's the greatest kind of person and I love him so much.I don't know. Am I being too demanding on a relationship of this magnitude at this point in my life?What can I say to make him understand where I'm at right now? What can we talk about to lay some groundwork to try to fix this?Do you think I'd be better off not in a relationship right now..? Please, I need some advice.


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