If you needed to move, and went out looking for a house to rent, you would probably check the want- ads, grocery store bulletin board, maybe talk to friends, or people you meet in the area where you wanted to move in to. Let’s just say, your phone rings, you answer, and it’s a lady that has a 3 BR. for the price of a 1 BR. She says that it is a very good deal, but it needs a little cleaning up. So you run right over to check it out. Well as you walk in the front door with the lady, you notice a faint ‘smell’ , it is a familiar smell, but you don’t remember from where. As you look threw the living room, dining room and kitchen, you say to yourself, hhmmm, it could use some paint, and some cleaning up, but I like it very much. When you open one of the kitchen cupboard doors, you see the ‘little black pieces of rice’ on the shelf. You quickly remember the smell….MICE!!! Then you start to look around, you find more signs of mice, little mouse-holes in the corners of cupboards, along the floor in the walls, etc, etc.  

     Well, you definitely do want the house. But the mice have got to be cleaned out first.. Whether by locking a cat in there for a week, fumigate, or even the little ‘chew blocks’ from Wal*Mart, for their ‘last supper’. Something has to be done first…….  Makes sense, don’t it. I got a feeling that everyone will agree with me ‘cept the people that say, I will never live in this house!!!!!!! 

     Well the truth of the matter is, this blog is not about renting a house, nor is it about mice. Fooled ya, didn’t  I???…  It’s about viruses. There are thousands more viruses in your body than mice in the whole city. I know that you don’t like to believe this, but it’s true. Google it and see… 

     If you have a lump in your breast, and they do a biopsy, and the doctor says it is malignant…. Cancer!!!. The most dreaded word on the planet. You ask the doctor, Are you sure?????  Couldn’t it be viruses???  ‘No’ he’ll say’ it’s cancer.  We didn’t see any viruses.  We saw cancer.  Coarse they didn’t see viruses, viruses are too small for the equipment they were using, and they didn’t want to see viruses. They wanted to see cancer.  And besides, why kill the viruses with a ten dollar treatment when they can get $ thousands $ for an operation. After all, it ain’t their breasts that they are about to chop up… 

     What is cancer?  What makes the lump??  Why does it show up on the x-ray as being different from the tissue around it, as it should all be breast tissue? He says cause it is ‘cancer’!!!. That is a word that should take your breath away, so that you can’t think, or ask any questions, except,  What can we do???? 

     HIV, a retrovirus that infects human T-cells and causes Aids. The most ‘studied’ virus in the history of the world. Billions and billions and billions of dollars have been spent to study this virus. More money has been spent on studying this virus, than has been spent on all other viruses combined.    

     Well they say that they can’t kill a virus, but they’re really really close. They have been saying that for ten years. They still get grant money, every year, just like clockwork, to kill this virus. 

     Taiwan has a pill that will kill the HIV virus, and wanted to manufacture it. The U.S. said ‘No’. How can the U.S. do that????  simple  $$$$$$$$$.  If Taiwan does it anyhow the U.S. would not protect them from China.  China would wipe them out in about thirteen seconds.  If you don’t believe me, Google it. 

     Anyhow, When the HIV virus enters the human body, it goes wandering around. The human body senses that it is there. The immune system sends out an antibody called a T-cell that is suppose to chase down a pathogen with the DNA that the T-cell is set to look for. Like a license plate, all though a lot more sophisticated. When the T-cell finds the pathogen with the DNA that it is looking for, it bumps up alongside it, and the HIV virus is stuck to the T-cells body. The T-cell then heads for the nearest ‘exit’ in the human body to carry the ‘invader’ out of the body. However, the T-cell, that the HIV virus is now attached to, now becomes a ‘host cell’.  

     They say that viruses are not living things. As living things can reproduce on their own. But viruses can’t. But when the T-cell connects to the HIV virus, the HIV virus works its way into the ‘host cell’ (T-cell), and goes to the host cells  reproduction area. The T-cell (now the host cell) was originally designed to live two to three weeks. If it doesn’t find the invader, it reproduces, and the new baby antibody(T-cell) then goes looking for the invader, as the invader’s DNA is programmed into it. OK. So when the HIV virus finds the reproducing area, inside the ‘host cell’ it ‘takes it over’. It makes the ‘host cell’ start reproducing at a high rate of speed, and all the new "babies’ have the same DNA as the HIV virus, not the ‘host cell’. Now all these new HIV viruses go out looking for a T-cell, of their own, so that they can take it over, and make it start reproducing at a high rate of speed, more HIV viruses.  

     It is said that one week after the HIV virus enters the human body, viruses are being produced at the rate of a million a day. 

     Now I know that your saying that this is not a house for rent web site or an HIV web site, and your right. But since the billions of  $dollars$  that have been spent on HIV virus, we can look at how it works, and get some idea of how other viruses may work in breast cancer, for example, as that was what we were originally talking about.  OK. The breast cancer lump, could be because the virus enters the ‘host cell’ (breast tissue) and causes it to reproduce new cells at a high rate of speed, in other words faster than the normal breast tissue would without viruses in it. It would show up on the x-ray, as being different, as the immune system is sending antibodies (T-cells) after the viruses, and that would look like an infection.  

    So my point here is, when you walk in the house and see signs of mice, get rid of the mice.. Don’t burn the house down….. How’s that for a surprise ending???????  But actually this don’t have to be the ending.  

     There are over 1500 different identifiable viruses, belonging to 56 different virus families that have been found in the human body as of the year 2002. The doctors say that they are so small they don’t hurt anything. Bullshit!!!! I believe that viruses cause at least 90 percent of all degenerative diseases. 

     My theory is to kill all the viruses in the body, that you can, before the damage that they are doing is uncontrollable, or even noticeable, or life threatening.  

     Which virus causes, which disease?????   It don’t matter.  Kill as many as you can.  Have you ever heard of a good virus?  The only viruses that even come  close to being a ‘good virus’  are the ones in vacine, and you can always get re-vacinated.


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