So im hoping this will do a little something for me i like talking about my feelings so i have anxiety and i im just not feeling my normal personality usually im a joking, sacastic kind of highschooler when i get anxiety im starstruck and just cant think cus im so worried but right now i can think but i say weird things i wouldnt normally say i can usually think of something awesome to say and just be myself its like ive always either been fine or had really bad anxiety but now its in the middle i just cant be myself so thats how i feel a little more on my situation i have cool friends but i worry that when i get anxiety they wont like me anymore they also do drugs which is fine with me cus i used to too but now after and acid trip ive had anxiety doing anydrug it didnt start out as anxiety i was just unfocused and then when i was unfocused around friends it caused social anxiety so they think i can still handle smoking like i used to but i cant so i avoid seeing them ouside of school at all cost until i can handle anxiety while high im getting better but im frustrated and i know that those arnt true friends but there cool and funny to be around and then think im awesome without anxiety and  i have my friends that arnt so cool but they wouldnt say anything if i was a little weird for awhile so i have my friends i can do anything thing and there awesome and then i have my friends that would think im a fag for being zombied out from anxiety and its alright cus i wouldnt wanna be around me either so i only talk to them when i dont have anxiety i think all my friends are awesome when i dont have anxiety 


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