My wife has severe OCD. They say that it is genetic but triggered by an event. We lost our boy 7 weeks before birth. A year later we had our daughter. My wife's OCD became progressively worse. My daughter is now 6 and our lives have become worse than Hell. I have tried to help my wife and have been called an ENABLER. I have undergone physical and emotional abuse beyond belief from her. My sleep is crap and i am always guilted into cleaning for "my daughter". I have achieved some pretty remarkable things thatpeople justcan't believe they are true. Iam self employed plusI work overnight work on the weekends. I have cleaned for her for 3 days straight w/o sleep, slepthours in b/w, andcleanedfor 3 days straight. I have been hit withhangers(even when they are broken), hammers (both sides), boot heels, stabbed with pens and a pair of scissors, have been scratched deeply and punched excessively to the face. Fast forwarding—the only thing that keeps me from getting physically assaulted is that now she thinks that I am way dirty and that she would get contaminated if she hit me. My daughter has endured a 10 hour bathroom and shower episode at the age ofaround 4 (standing for 9 hours in thelate to middle of night time). I have called the police on several occasions as well as social services.She lies to friends and family about things I tell them to create doubt. She has portrayed herself as the victim even though I have years of photos and videos showing what she has done to us. The house we live in is where we lost our son and where we gave birth to our daughter. It isa trigger item for her protective nesting that she does. I believe it is a subconscious way to protect our daughter frombad events.I helped convinced her to move into an apartment to start fresh. I remain in the house. I have been allowed one time to hug and kiss my daughter in the last 2+ years. My guilt is great and I have a tough time doing anything to hurt her (police/social services). My daughter will never have a normal life with my wife. For anyone out there what would you do? I am lost, defeated, exhausted and extremely sad. I have missed out on the last 3 years of Holidays because of this. Desperately seeking help, guidance, and someone to talk to.

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  1. telknit23 7 years ago

    For your own sake and your daughter’s, you need to take her and get out of there.  Get your wife into treatment if you can, but protect yourself and your daughter above all.  You will probably need some counseling as well; living like this is not normal and a professional or support group can help you sort it out.  Good luck, and be strong.

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