Hi all this is my introduction; Can you relate in any way?

Over recent years I have left good jobs inc.(A trainee Chartered surveyor (real estate professional that was my career path from uni) Night club manager all because of the way I feel along with the actual affects that these problems continually created in my every day life, if you know what I mean? ( anxiety, low self -esteem and depression etc ; I felt that these have eaten me to the core again and again) These conditions have been created by circumstances in my childhood at school and have gone on from there¡..

I left work in March of this year in order “To sort my self out¨ and for months on end I felt like I was actually getting worse!!! (Not seeing people, being negative, ruminating to goals and no real day to day life etc) I sort help from my Doctor as soon as I became ill, I was referred to a mental health support team and was also given medication. It felt like for ages that I was just plodding along and the medical support I was receiving were just going through the standard processes, not really discovering or taking my needs in to consideration which made me feel like crap.!!!

I then started using the internet looking and support groups which were specifically on the net. I came across some good Msn groups, where I could vent, relate to what others were saying and also seek advice. Through doing this there was a noticed change in me.
I have noticed that my past anxiety has created social anxiety, I did not relies how much that played a role in how if have felt until I discovered a social anxiety group on Msn.
Through looking at one of the groups I discovered d.tribe, It was recommended and that it was worth looking at as it was like;¡¨ Myspace for people with depression¡¨ ever since then I have been using this site to interact with others.

Now I¡¦ve found, this site, part of the tribe family, which is a better site in terms of topic for my needs.

I find myself in a position where I am currently taking more control over my life through taking baby steps, but I do find it pretty hard some days! I have been researching the specific support I need, working closely with my support team, and just recently joined to self help courses Assertiveness and social anxiety, in which I have been taking an active role in.

I just want to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON simply being here as believe this sort of thing does help me!!!!

Cheers, Moving Forward ļ

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  1. mishachez 16 years ago

    HELLO MOVE FOWARD, I truely hope you are doing better, WE ALL HIT HARD TIMES, you have to remeber its MIND OVER MATTER, I tell my self that all the time I have a panic attack or anxiety attack, its HORRIBLE but I know I have to self talk all the way till I am calmed down, I also like this site, its cool, I just wish there was like a CHAT ROOM setting so we can all get together and really get to know each other better and IF we are needing some one rite then, SOME ONE WILL BE THERE, well how do we start one?? have a great MOVING FOWARD,,,

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