a situation like the suicide mission. not as serious, very much real.

(oh boys – was it really this bad?)
you can feign cheerfulness, and it might be suiting – it's funny how things seem so drastically real when you're in crisis, when everything seems to be caving in to you superglued to the floor. how everything seems so painfully hopeless, terrifyingly meaningless in the long run. and then how terrifyingly meaningful it is, how it can all come back to get you. it's funny-
some people don't know. no one really wants to live in the REAL world.
i'm sorry, i won't be able to come round tomorrow
i might not be alive then
not alive, not really
tell them i promise i'll come back and everything will be fine
tell them i'm sorry. i know it won't matter
but it will. that's the worst part.
tense, trembling. "don't underestimate your ability to deal with things. don't underestimate your ability to mess up."
how do i get out of this? what he said in his lecture was discomforting: "don't think you can escape so easily." it's depressing how true that is. i wonder if they noticed something wrong with me. i wonder if i deserve help.
something is wrong.
this is what i'm afraid of- disappointment, false hopes, lost hope, giving up, being given up on, lies, the truth, betrayal, annoyance, no escape, no meaning, worthlessness, degrading, mistakes, uncertainty, failure, false success, misunderstanding, accusations, hate, not being good enough, arguments, beratements, wrong paths, dead ends, the end of everything, being forsaken, rejection, moments of absolute despair, undying regrets, false friendships, breaking down, acting up, no explanations, no excuses, no rights, no dreams, no room to breathe, no mercy, no more second chances. hell.
(i am so many things, yet i am not enough)
drama aside, will she believe me? no – i can't i can't i can't be this way anymore
sing me to sleep, i hope i don't wake up tomorrow
not to this world, this world where i am tomorrow
suffocating meaning and highs i'll never reach
it's a long way down…
i can't escape this, can i?
i can't escape.

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