I haven\'t felt good all day. I think I feel like I might come down with something. I\'m wore out from the weekend (my roomie parties too much and I usually party along with her. OnMonday morning it looked like a hurricanewent through our house.I was the hurricane lol.) and also wore outfrom the make out session with Patricia yesterday.In the morning when she had called me on the phone, I shared with her that I woke up feeling very woozy and affectionate. And she got in her truck and drove over an hour\'s drive to come see for herself just how affectionate I was feeling. Oh that made me smile lol. She didn\'t have to work the morning until afternoon, so she spent it with me. This was our second meeting. Well, I haven\'t scared her off yet. And because of feeling crappy I was hoping she\'d write me right this minute, and I just got the email alert. Thanks Pat. I\'m trying to shake the bad feeling with focusing on those things and people that make me smile. Usually days like these I feel so super sensitive.


Don\'t let the silence get you down

Though you\'ve been sitting here for hours

Hoping a voice could soon be found

That speaks much louder than this music

For you\'re a little off colour and out for the count

Don\'t let that get you down

Don\'t let the talking keep you up

If they\'re your friends they\'ll share your vision

And as the phone rings break the silence they don\'t figure out that you

Don\'t want to answer

For you\'re a little off colour and tired of the sound

Don\'t let it get you down



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