I work a 8-10 hour day–5 days a week, I went to VA to become Certified in Canine Massage, and I’m taking on line classes to become a Certified Dog Trainer.  I have been working on the online classes since March and probably have about 4 more months to go.  I took the massage class in a 4 day time period, so you can imagine how much was thrown at us in just 4 days—names of 28 muscles and what they do—and about 32 massage techniques.  Besides all of this, the economy is killing the dog daycare business and the owners have to put money into the business, which seems to be my fault because Im not bringing in business.  I’m not sure if that’s what they think or if that’s the OCD doing the talking.  So I was taking a test online last night for my training class and I couldn’t figure out the right answer for ONE question and before I knew it, tears were streaming, and it took me 30 minutes to look and look for the answer and I couldn’t find it and it took me another 15 minutes to push the submit button with an answer I wasn’t sure of.  I got them all right, which is another obsession of mine, I need to be perfect.  Needless to say, OCD is taking over right now.  I have a 3 day seminar to go to in Chicago on dog training starting on Friday and although I truly want to go, I’m truly anxious about going because it’s just one more thing that I’m going to have to get 100% right.  I just want to scream.  On top of all of this, my husband knows that I can’t stand cleaners and insecticides,etc., and when he was using the insecticides on our lawn this past Saturday, I asked him not to do it while I was out there, he got pissee, he should know better after 25 years of this.

  1. Wkumar 13 years ago

    If you could find a way to relax when you feel OCD coming then perhaps you will be able to escape the stress that you feel.  Music helps me.  Listen to something that either relaxes or gives your hope.  Stress is what makes my own OCD worse and I try to find a way to escape it.

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  2. Kona 13 years ago

    I’m using relaxing/soothing music when I massage the dogs and I’m finding that I’m playing those same cds at work while sitting at the desk like now.  It seems to be helping.  I just have sooooo many things going on in my life right now and OCD says…."But don’t forget about me"!!!, like I could

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