so things really sucked for me, and i feel like i shouldn’t feel these things but i do. I was happy then i was broke again. i keep fixing everyone else but i can’t fix myself, with that being said if anyone needs someone to talk to I am here for anyone and everyone.

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  1. sullengirl76 4 years ago

    Hey there someone154. I can relate very well to your note. The majority of my life has been spent taking care of everyone else around me and, very often, ignoring my own needs. And then this past fall, when I finally had the courage to seek out therapy again and start enforcing boundaries with my bosses regarding my personal needs, I pissed off the attorneys I worked with and am now unemployed because of it. Anyway… I’m fantastic at taking care of others… it’s just taking care of myself that I suck at.

    If you ever need to talk to someone, feel free to drop me a line.

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