Hi, i think i can relate to a lot of people by my past. im gonna tell you all what happen to me starting from the beginning of my life to now. Lets get started

2001 i was born but not like i was suppose too i was born addicted to cocaine, meth, heroin, and alcohol. I have fetal alcohol syndrome. my father in jail. my birth mom an alcoholic, druggy, and smoker. i lived with her til i was 2 years old. she did not feed me food she did not give me water she gave me alcohol and some type of drug.. she never really held me. my older sister took care of me, shes only 3 years older than me. she feed me, changed me, clean me, she talt me how to do some of that stuff we did the same to my little brother im 10 month older than him. me and him have the same father. it was almost 2004 by time i got in foster care with my older sister and younger brother, me and my sister ended up taking care of kids there too the foster care was abusive verbally and only feeding some of use once a day and some of use did not get to eat, so we had to save food and share out of like 16 thro 20 kids all in one room.. later on that year my sister and my brother got adopted to my grandma pat. i was cept in foster care, i never understand why she picked my younger brother and my older sister but not me… it was 2005 by time my cousin took me in with my baby sister. im a little more than 2 years older than her. in April 2005 my cousin adopted me and my sister.. i got 2 adopted brother along the way both younger of course. but through 2006 to 2011 there is something no one knew about my adopted mom she was abusive verbally and physically. my adopted dad was in law school all the time so he never really knew what was going on. my adopted had some mental problems. in 2008/2009 i had a babysitter he was a family friend he was also 35 years old but he did some thing to me and my younger sister he molested and raped me and her… no one found out til 2013 but he was already in prison for doing the same thing to 8 other girl and 5 other boys. my adopted mom and adopted dad divorced in 2011 my adopted mom got tooken far away from us. my adopted took care of 4 kids by himself.. 2014 i got put in my first mental hospital for 5 days they. 2015 i got put in to other mental hospital. then 2017 i got put in 3 more types of mental hospital and then a long stay psychiatric ward. i have a lot of mental health issues.

  1. kelsch-14 2 years ago

    So sorry to hear about your hard past!

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  2. moopy 2 years ago

    I’m so sorry you had to go through this 🙁 This is the most saddest story that I’ve heard.

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