I don't suppose I am the first person to do this, and probably won't be the last, but I just wanted to tell cyberland my (fairly short) story.

Last Sunday morning I sorted my pill organiser for the week as I usually do.  No news there.  However, Monday and Tuesday mornings I felt so 'drugged' I complained to my husband and daughter that something was terribly wrong.  Thankfully, my daughter (and ray of sunshine) made me sit down and check I had been taking my pills correctly and in the right dose.

I cannot say how embarassed I was when we discovered that the small oval white pills I thought were my antidepressants I take in the mornings were actually my small oval white sleeping pills!

Now she has confiscated the sleeping pills and thinks I am a danger to myself.  I suppose I am in a way – thankfully I don't drive and fly a desk at work, so no problems there, but there is of course the lesson I have learned: to respect and check my medication. 

The whole experience has been unpleasant, not least the fact that I got highly emotional because I had suddenly stopped my antidepressants and now I have started taking them again, I am back to side effects with headaches and digestive problems.  Add to that 2 days trying to cope in a job I already hate when I am almost literally a zombie, and it has already been a tough week, without everything that has made me depressed in the first place…………….

Anyway, trying to be upbeat, my family have helped me discover my mistake, I didn't 'lose it' with my boss, and…..well…….thats 2 good things………

Please be careful with your medication – I thought I was too organised to make a mistake

Take care




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