I couldn’t be more angry. Or more anything really. This girl I really digged, and it was a long thing, too, totally played me. We have been friends for a year and we were VERY close. I mean, we told each other everything. Well, I started having those ‘other’ feelings for her. She said she was, too. Well stuff happened and we kissed, whatever right? Well, she decides to say she doesn’t like me like that. Whatever. We got over it.

   This is where I am feeling the most anger. She told me soon after she liked me more than a friend. She said she didn’t want to lie anymore. Well, finally I noticed something was up and I got her to admit she doesn’t even like me. So I lost a close friend because she screwed me over and lost lots of self-asteem, etc. What bothers me the most is she’s finding ways to blame it on me, saying "well I didn’t want to make you feel bad" and stuff like that. JUST BE HONEST. I WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE BEING FRIENDS.

   Sorry I had to write it. It’s been in my mind a lot recently and, I know, you’re young you don’t know anything, blah blah blah. I still have that feeling I have for certain people, I’d go to the hospital for her, I’d do so much for her. I’d say I love her in some way, you know? It just hurts to know after being there for her she could mess with me repeatedly and then blame it on me. She said she doesn’t want to talk everyday because bad things happen. I know if I did this I’d be looked at as some pervert looking for sex, but because she’s a girl she gets away with it a little bit. And, I don’t want sex. It’s on my mind like ANYONE IN THE WORLD, but it’s really not what I want. She told me I didn’t need a girl to be complete, but I need some people in my life to be complete, and she was like THAT person to go to. Now when I’m depressed or facing issues with my medications I’m sitting alone feeling like dying.

  1. apehangmom 14 years ago

    yeah but what comes around … goes around…  But just take this as expirence of growing up and older,,,we all go through this .. every man every woman… But this some times happens… I am sorry ,, but try to let it go … You cant carry this lol with you in your life backpack …. Its too big. lol … let it go .. and forgive .. and leave it .. You can so get back onthe horse of life and keep going. You have all this in side of you to keep going. it hurts .. but you can do this. I have walked this path … and know its do able…  try and let it go .

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 14 years ago

    I am sorry this happened to you.  If you aren’t offended I would like to offer that her behavior and her words are more about her and her issues, not yours.  Sounds like she had issues of her own that she couldn’t handle.  Maybe you were getting too close for comfort and triggered her issues.  This happens.  The way I deal with things like this is to remind myself that each of us is the center of our own universe and each of us is trying to find a comfortable place in our own shin and some of us cut off our nose to spite our face.  I am going to echo everone else and say this stuff happens.  Get back on the horse of life and plod on.  Good luck

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