I really want to try and make friends with some of you on here. I’ve never used this before so bare with me please. My instagram is @popcorn_ashley

I want to talk about my problems with someone I’m not familiar with and I want to get to know you and listen to you too! Please don’t be afraid to talk to me. 🙂

I’m currently going through some hard times with my family and I’m feeling very hopeless. If you’re feeling that way too I want to listen to you.

It’s severely difficult for me to make friends..in real life and online so I hope this will help me.

Im having trouble with my identity and I’m not exactly sure why and it’s scaring me. I’m not sure what my sexuality is so if you’re having trouble with that or have went through that before I want to see where you’re coming from! 🙂

i have depression as well and I can’t talk about it to my family because they don’t understand. They also don’t understand how I’m feeling with my sexuality (it also doesn’t help that my dad is extremely homophobic hahah…) I’ve had trouble with self harm in the past and i considered doing it again tonight until after I talked to a hotline for the first time which helped a lot.

Im having friendship problems as well. Me and my friend have become so distant and I’ve tried to save our friendship but she’s making me feel unwanted which is why I’m on here now! If you want to learn more about that I have no problem in sharing it with you.

i don’t have much else to say. WhY does this have to be 300 words…….ignore this I’m just trying to fill up the word count..

please don’t forget to contact me on my Instagram @popcorn_ashley

my twitter is @idkclementine

  1. rosiewanjiru 5 years ago

    Hey idkclemenntine…im also looking for someone to talk to…maybe we can be each other talking partners…tell me how you think about that

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  2. heretochat176 5 years ago

    I’d love to talk with you but honestly…i don’t use twitter and instagram either. Perhaps there’s another way we can contact each other? You can find me on hangouts as Anon Girl. May you life take a good turn =)

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  3. ac31 5 years ago

    Heyyy message me I’m down to be your friend

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  4. iwant2smileagain 5 years ago

    heyyyyyyyyyyyy girl!! ill add you on ig… that’s my goto when I’m sad…

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