i stand alone. i close my eyes to see new places. uncross my arms to a crucified stasis. take a deep breath and freefall backwards into the abyss. theres not much more to my life than this. seems my lamenting has turned into an unnatural bliss…

ive become a ghost to the ones i love the most.
wrap your wings across my heart and fly me to a better place.
im tired of falling, yet too tired to climb. give me something to heal my wounds, giveme love and give me truth…

you laugh at my pain inside,
mock all the tears i cry,
if you asked if i love you, i do.

you smile in vain, i still love you the same,
your eyes forever are etched in my brain,
if you asked if i love you, i do.

at night i dream of you,
during the day it seems too,
if you asked if i love you, i do.

minutes of pain seem like hours everyday,
missing you is driving you farther away,
if you asked if i love you, i do.

it seems to be your happy i see,
as long is it has nothing to do with me,
tears on my pillow, love in my heart,
if i needed light you left me in the dark.
if i asked you if you love me, you would tell me were through.

i miss you, i miss your eyes i miss your face,
i miss your smell i miss your taste,
i miss your body i miss your mind,
i miss feeling that you were mine,
i miss your hair i miss your smile,
i miss your skin i miss your style,
ive missed you for quite awhile,
i miss the moles on your face and chest,
when we were in love is when i felt the best,
i miss your feet i miss your toes,
i miss the things no one else knows,
feels like i missed you from the start,
the thing i miss the most is your beautiful heart.

  1. demonic 11 years ago

    thanks simi

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  2. demonic 11 years ago

    never fun losin them. thanks Arachne.

    i dont sudy but blessed be…

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  3. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    It's so beautiful and so painful!

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