I went through a break up back in March of 2020. It took me until now (August 2020) to get my broken pieces back together. We were together for almost two years but we have known each other for at least 8 years. I went through verbal abuse, feeling alone, mentally and physically exhaustion, and wondering why I wasn’t good enough. I moved back in with my parents and I just couldn’t eat or sleep normal. My sleep routine is still off but I try to make it work. I either sleep too much or get at least 4-5 hours of sleep a night. I lost weight after the break up which was abut 10-12 pounds. It took me a while to get it back. Some days I want to be alone and not talk to anyone. Some days I want to be with my friends and go out. Each day is different and I never know how I’m going to feel until I wake up in the mornings. I have family that’s there for me but no one knows how I truly feel. I am chasing my career in social work and that’s what keeping me on my toes. It’s good to focus on something like that rather than not having goals at all. I learned to surround myself with better people who have jobs, goals, careers, no drugs or alcohol, and are good people in general. I want to feel better and I’m open to anything to help besides medication which I don’t think is needed. Talking to someone is the way I think is best. Overall, this is what has caused my depression.

  1. tylerholmes 6 months ago

    I understand what you going through, would love to be the person you can talk to

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    • Author
      sshrman3 6 months ago

      Thank you, I appreciate that. Feel free to message me anytime.

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