Relationships are like pain. Every guy will break you or worse make you very well suicidal, unless you find the right one. I hope everyone gets in a good relationship. You have to find the right guy. One that will treat you like a huge queen. Being awesome and trustworthy, that’s a key in every relationship. Being honest is probably the number one key. Lying may hurt each other  and you’ll soon end up alone again. Girls you need to follow girl code.

  1. Dating someone else’s man is not allowed.
  2. Back stabbing each other probably shouldn’t do.
  3.  Don’t fight over the same guy
  4. Give honest advice ladies.

I was broken so many times and now I’m searching for a mans. I’m 14, I want to be with a guy that’s loyal and promising.

  1. mariahlynn09 1 month ago

    I know what it’s like to feel defeated and alone and give into things that don’t help you. your strong and I don’t think your a bad person for giving Into these things. I just know your hurting and I hope things get better for you

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    • Author
      kyekye10122 1 month ago

      Thank you, that means a lot that somebody cares!!! Love you!!

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      • kat03 1 month ago

        Girlie i want u to know that I truly do care. I miss talking to u hope everything is okay

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