Last weekend, I went on two first dates. The first one was awesome in many ways. The major downfall is that he isn’t looking for anything serious. And I definitely am. With that one, I’m trying to play it cool and see what happens. (Supposed to hang out with him again tonight, actually.)

The second date had more promise "on paper." (He was a few years older than me and exactly my usual "type.") But he was all over me from the moment we starting hanging out. Grabbing my butt within the first half hour of meeting me and then forcing himself on me pretty strongly later in the day. I said "no" a lot, but many things ended up happening even in spite of that and it really upset me.

I told him how disrespected I felt and he apologized a few times. We kept trying to talk and make another plan to hang out next weekend, but now I haven’t heard from him in a couple of days. And I think that’s a good thing. He probably didn’t deserve the second chance I was (most likely) going to give him.

There is another guy I have been chatting with (via texting mainly) all week and out of nowhere today, he asked me if I like sex. WTF? How disrespectful can you be? He then told me that he didn’t understand why I didn’t like him saying that.

All in all, I hate this.

Also, over the past eight days, my bank has charged me $350.00 in "insufficient funds" fees. It’s a long story, but for sure at least $175.00 should not have been taken. The first half happened last weekend and while arguing with them Monday, we figuring out a supposed way to get my account in the clear. But I guess it didn’t work because I got $175.00 more fees Tuesday (I found out today). After being spoken rudely to by a number of people (both Monday and today), I have withdrawn all my money and hopefully my pending stuff will clear tomorrow so I can close the account. What a drag this all is.

I am way too poor…

One small piece of good news – I was able to wiggle my way into some overtime tomorrow. (It’ll be the first available overtime for me since December-ish.)


  1. WadeAlexander72 14 years ago

    The second guy (Mr. Hands) – avoid him at all costs. He”s trouble.

    Text guy – ditto.

    The first guy may be ok, but practice caution. If he says he”s not looking for something serious he may just be testing the waters and wanting to take you for a test drive (in a manner of speaking). This is his way of keeping himself "safe" without having to come off badly if he decides to split.

    As long as you stay true to yourself, you should be ok. I”d just really watch out for that other guy. The fact he did that so fast is disrespectful and he probably just wants a good time. The texter I would just avoid.



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  2. Somecure 14 years ago

    Hey Love,

    Keep the sex outta your life, except with yourself until you really really know these guys.  Anybody that truely loves you, could care less about the sex. 

    I know all too well that I am talking out my ass here.  I can”t do what I”m talking too you about doing.  But I have had enough sexual encounters too know it has nothing to do with Love.

    You deserve Love…don”t settle for the impulsive emptiness of less.

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