Wow, how different things have felt the last few days! All I can really describe it as is almost miraculous. I feel pretty close to being an "emotionally normal" human being, thanks to the Ritalin. I've managed to write my philosophy paper that's due at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning (I just have to type it up and send it to my professor now), I've been cooking dinners and spending time with my family doing things, and I even accepted a week-long subbing position for my son's 2nd grade class starting on Monday. Sadly his teacher's father passed away Thursday night. Normally I would be freaking out and wouldn't have accepted the assignment because of how long it is and the fact that she didn't have any time to prepare lesson plans for the week, but I feel absolutely capable of doing it. I've got tomorrow's plans done and am starting to work on Tuesday's, but I'm not going to go any further than that until tomorrow night because I won't know how much we'll cover on Monday. I'm also trying to catch up on my philosophy reading for Tuesday night's class so that I'm not lost during lecture. I HATE feeling unprepared! I've got to stop procrastinating ~ it's one of my worst issues.

Zachary is getting better. I have to keep him out of the sun due to the medication making him sun-sensitive, which frustrates him, but he is slowly returning to his normal busy-body self. 🙂 Today he has his last soccer game of the season. While I'm a little relieved we won't have this on our plate anymore each Sunday, I'm also sad that he's going to miss it so much. He really enjoys it and the comraderie it has built between the other students and himself.

Right now I'm just trying to chill and relax for a little bit ~ I think I deserve it considering how much I've gotten done over the last 3 days. Not to mention my hubby has been really helpful with the chores lately which makes my life that much easier. I'm so appreciative of that and I need to tell him.

Last night my husband and I watched the video collage that a family member made for Granny's memorial service. He gave a copy to every family member, which was so sweet. It was really funny and touching. There were pictures of her as a young woman with her sisters, as a young Mom, and progressing through the years. I almost cried at seeing the pictures of her holding my infant son and remembering the moment. She and Aaron's Mom and I were laughing at how huge his feet were for such a little guy. I could even hear the noise he always made when he was grumpy or wanted to go to sleep…and I thought I had lost that memory. Thanks Granny for bringing that back for me! Overall it was wonderful, sweet, funny, sad and lovely. Hard to describe.

It's another pretty spring day here (sorry to those of you still dealing with snow, I promise I'm not trying to rub it in!) and everything is blooming. As beautiful as it is, I hate it! LOL! My allergies are horrible! The pine trees have covered everything in thick yellow pollen. You could see it every time the wind blew ~ huge clouds of it came from every single tree (and most of the trees here are pine trees)! The orchid tree is blooming purple flowers, the mulberry trees are bursting forth and the Loquat trees are loaded with fruit. We were actually watching an opposum climbing around one of them and sitting up and eating the fruit while resting his back against the trunk. The majestic sandhill cranes are hatching their chicks, and some are already walking their little cute brown fluffballs around all over the neighborhood feeding at each house that puts out feed for them. I'm hoping our pair will soon bring their chick(s) to our yard.

Well, I want to take a minute and congratulate my friend on her marriage. I wish you both joy and love and a long life together. <3

I'm going to allow myself the pleasure of a nap before we go to the soccer game. I hope you all have had a decent weekend. I send love, light and prayers to all. And thank you especially to those that have been so supportive in my blogs and friendships. It has meant a great deal to me.

Peace to you all.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 9 years ago

    I'm so happy for your progress.

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